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GranuFlo and NaturaLyte are two brand names dialysates that are used during a dialysis treatment. Fresenius Medical Care manufactures both of these drugs, and both have been linked to serious cases of patient harm, including fatalities. Because there is evidence to suggest that Fresenius Medical Care knew of the potential harm associated with the use of GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, but continued to market the drug regardless without issuing a proper warning, the company may be held liable for all patient damages. A pharmaceutical litigation attorney can assist you in filing a claim.

The Risks of GranuFlo & NaturaLyte

The active ingredient in GranuFlo and NaturaLyte is sodium diacetate. When used during dialysis, a patient treated with GranuFlo and NaturaLyte receives more than the usual amount of bicarbonate than would be received using other brands of dialysates. This can be extremely dangerous; the biggest risk of excess bicarbonate is having a sudden, fatal heart attack. Other problems associated with excess bicarbonate as a result of using GranuFlo and NaturaLyte include:
  • Stroke;
  • Low blood pressure;
  • Low potassium;
  • Irregular heartbeat; and
  • High blood carbon dioxide.

Filing a Lawsuit Against Fresenius Medical Care

There are multiple lawsuits that have been filed against Fresenius Medical Care. These lawsuits allege that Fresenius knew of the risks of excess bicarbonate—as well as the related dangers—associated with the use of GranuFlo & NaturaLyte, and yet failed to disclose these dangers to the FDA or the public at large. If you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of dialysis treatment that utilized GranuFlo and NaturaLyte, you too may have a cause of action. A lawsuit can yield damages for medical expenses and other economic losses, pain and suffering, and wrongful death benefits if applicable.  

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