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There have been a growing number of problematic reports surrounding the DEPUY ATTUNE Total Knee Replacement (“TKA”) device.  Problems with the ATTUNE device can include:
  • Loosening of the device
  • Fractures (of the device or the attached bone)
  • Early or excessive wear and tear
  • Restriction of movement.
  • Pain, swelling or inflammation of the knee.
  Loosening is one of the most serious issues that individuals who have had a Total Knee Replacement (“TKA”) can suffer from.    Tibial loosening happens when the plate of a TKA device that attached to the lower leg bone becomes loose.  Loosening of a Attune Knee Replacement implant can lead to a variety of major issues, such as dislocation of the TKA device, fracturing of the bone connected to the device, and even the need for an additional revision surgery to correct the problems with the device. The DEPUY ATTUNE TKA device seems to be particularly susceptible to premature tibial loosening.   A 2017 study published in the Journal of Knee Surgery indicated that loosening incidents with the DEPUY ATTUNE knee replacement system may be underreported.   Patients or those with loved ones who have had a DEPUT ATTUNE knee replacement should remain alert for signs and symptoms of tibial loosening.    Pain and instability are among the most overt warning signs of knee replacement loosening. You should also remain alert for:
  • Backwards, sideways, or other odd movement angles of the knee with the TKA device
  • Instability or inability to apply weight or pressure on the knee;
  • Unusual pain, particularly weeks or months after the surgery;
  • Decreased range of motion in the replaced knee;
  • Swelling, especially months after the surgery;
  • Inflammation.
If you or a loved one have had a DEPUY ATTUNE Knee Replacement surgery and are experiencing any of the above issues, please contact us for a free case review.  
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