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At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, our nationally acclaimed attorneys are frequently featured in various industry publications and quoted across numerous newspapers, blogs, television networks, and other media outlets. These industry journals often seek out our attorneys due to their knowledge and experience both inside the courtroom and out, and their involvement in a number of landmark case settlements and verdicts.

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Below is a selection of articles and publications we have appeared in.

Law360 Quotes Hunter Shkolnik on Teva, NY Jury Verdict


Teva Pharmaceuticals on Friday said a jury verdict deeming it liable for opioid abuse in New York should be overturned because the state’s “public nuisance” theory would unleash a never-ending wave of litigation against companies that sell potentially harmful products like soda and SUVs. But earlier this month, Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice Jerry Garguilo…

Bloomberg Law Quotes Paul Napoli on PFAS Lawsuits

Bloomberg Law

Corporations including 3M Co., Chemguard Inc., Kidde-Fenwal Inc., National Foam Inc., and Dynax Corp. are now being sued at roughly the same rate as DuPont, according to a Bloomberg Law analysis of more than 6,400 PFAS-related lawsuits filed in federal courts between July 2005 and March 2022. The biggest question is what manufacturers knew about the dangers…

Law360 Quotes Badala & Ciaccio on New Opioid Trial Attempt


The companies “provide no legitimate basis for tossing the jury’s verdict or subjecting the court, its staff, plaintiffs and the community to a complete do-over,” the plaintiffs said. The companies’ motion hinges on arguments already rejected by the court, they said. It was the second verdict from a jury in extensive opioid crisis litigation across…

Chris Schnieders Obtains $2.5M+ in Opioid Overdose Case

The Wichita Eagle

Partner Chris Schnieders represented the family of an Excel shooting victim who overdosed from a dangerous combination of opioids and benzodiazepines. Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, Nicholas Moon has been prescribed this “relentless escalation” regimen by Wichita psychiatrist Elsie Steelberg, M.D. and her practice Advocates for Behavioral Health, P.A. The trial focused on opioid…

NY COVID-19 Nursing Home Lawsuit Can Proceed

New York Law Journal

An Erie County judge on Monday allowed a lawsuit filed by the estate of a woman who died in a nursing home in the early weeks of New York’s COVID-19 crisis to move ahead with its claims against the nursing home, rejecting the facility’s effort to invoke the COVID-19 immunity provisions granted and later repealed…

Hunter Shkolnik: New York Times Quote of the Day

The New York Times

“Videos of sales meetings where they laughed, and they joked about the use of drugs like fentanyl that kill people and how they owned the market and they made the markets. This is what the public needs to see.” Hunter Shkolnik, a lawyer for Nassau County, referring to a trial in which Teva Pharmaceuticals, among…