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At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, our nationally acclaimed attorneys are frequently featured in various industry publications and quoted across numerous newspapers, blogs, television networks, and other media outlets. These industry journals often seek out our attorneys due to their knowledge and experience both inside the courtroom and out, and their involvement in a number of landmark case settlements and verdicts.

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Below is a selection of articles and publications we have appeared in.

Flint Resident About State Stopping Free Bottled Water

The Governor’s Office said the water has been testing well below the federal action level for lead for more than 18 months, so the free bottled water was no longer needed. Plaintiff Client Allen Bryant said he begs to differ. And that’s why he teamed up with the firm Napoli Shkolnik, based in New York,…

Napoli Shkolnik Obtains $24.1M for 2011 Helicopter Crash

A Phoenix jury recently awarded Glendale resident Jeffrey Boatman more than $24 million in a settlement stemming from a 2011 helicopter crash just west of Valle. Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, a law firm that specializes in aviation accidents, said they used crash reconstruction experts to piece together what cause the helicopter’s transmission to fail mid-flight. Hunter…

City of Keene: Opioid Crisis Costs Hundreds of Thousands

Keene is not, in fact, claiming that the opioid crisis has cost the city millions of dollars per year. The correct estimate is in the hundreds of thousands, City Attorney Thomas P. Mullins said Wednesday. Mullins arrived at the rough cost estimate after talking to other city officials, including in the fire and police departments,…

Opioid Research Institute Quotes Paul and Marie Napoli

Almost all the suits in the MDL seek reimbursement for increased opioid-related costs imposed by the epidemic, including, for instance, first-responder and Narcan costs, emergency room care, neonatal care, foster care, expanded morgue space, and body bags. “It’s truly cradle-to-grave expenses,” plaintiffs lawyer Marie Napoli said. Polster’s other key act last week was ordering the…

City of Keene Suing Big Pharma Over Opioid Epidemic

The city of Keene has sued about a dozen pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors over their alleged role in causing the opioid-abuse epidemic, joining hundreds of states, counties and cities that have filed similar lawsuits. The lawsuit claims the drug makers and distributors used deceptive marketing practices to push the use of prescription opioids for chronic…

NLJ Quotes Hunter Shkolnik About Sports Betting Site Case

Lawyers have asked a federal judge to halt consumer class actions against sports betting sites DraftKings Inc. and FanDuel Inc. while they hash out a possible settlement. “We’re always open to discussions with the defendants in this litigation, and we’re hoping this will go forward in a quick fashion,” said Hunter Shkolnik, of Napoli Shkolnik…