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At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, our nationally acclaimed attorneys are frequently featured in various industry publications and quoted across numerous newspapers, blogs, television networks, and other media outlets. These industry journals often seek out our attorneys due to their knowledge and experience both inside the courtroom and out, and their involvement in a number of landmark case settlements and verdicts.

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Below is a selection of articles and publications we have appeared in.

Complaint Filed Over Mesh Devices

St. Louis Record

Several individuals have filed a complaint over allegations that a mesh device used in surgeries caused them injury. The suit states that the mesh products are “biologically incompatible with human tissue” and causes inflammation of the pelvic tissue and can contribute to severe, adverse reactions. The client alleges that she has experienced “significant mental and…

Knox County in Maine Joins Opioid Litigation

Knox County has joined a lawsuit alleging that opioid manufacturers helped create the drug epidemic by pushing doctors to prescribe their painkillers to increase profits even though patients were becoming addicted. Knox has become the 12th county in Maine to join the lawsuits against 28 manufacturers of opioids. County Commissioners voted unanimously  to hire Napoli…

Hill Harper Speaks in Support of John Ramsey

The Grio

John Ramsey, who served 33 years in prison for a crime he says he didn’t commit, filed a motion based on recently discovered documentation pointing to his innocence. At the center of the case is the fact that authorities repeatedly ignored Ramsey’s requests for a report detailing the arrests of two men who fit the…

Daily News: John Ramsey’s Quest for Vindication

New York Daily News

John Ramsey’s was paroled, and now his quest to overturn his conviction has reached a crucial point. Napoli Shkolnik Civil Rights attorney Craig Phemister agreed to put some of the firm’s resources behind Ramsey’s case. They first convinced the Brooklyn DA’s Conviction Review Unit to open an investigation into Ramsey’s conviction, and then they got…