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$950,000 Personal Injury Settlement

This negotiated amount was obtained on behalf our client who sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. This recovery was against our own client’s policy.

$950,000 Settlement

This settlement was obtained on behalf of a husband and two young children who lost their wife and mother after her serious streptococcal infection went undiagnosed.

$500,000 Settlement

This case involved complications from prostate cancer and the negligent insertion of a needle that punctured the rectum.

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WIVB News-4 Interviews Partner Louise Caro About Wheatfield Landfill

03.27.17 | Environmental Litigation

Environmental Litigation attorney and partner Louise Caro recently spoke with WIVB News-4 Television about the legal actions Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, along with Smith Stag LLC and attorney Christen Civiletto have filed against the Town of Wheatfield. A complaint has been filed on behalf of about 60 people who say they’re sick from contamination from Love…

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WCBS News Interviews Marie Napoli About Westhampton Water Contamination

03.23.17 | Environmental Litigation

WCBST TV News‘ Jennifer McLogan sat down with environmental attorney and Napoli Shkolnik Partner Marie Napoli to discuss the PFOS water contamination in Westhampton. “The county has known about this problem for years and has allowed the people to drink this toxic soup,” said Ms. Napoli. She went on to say that one of the…

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OSHA Violations In Your Workplace?

03.23.17 | Personal Injury

Federal and state laws govern what measures employers must take to protect workers in the workplace. These laws govern everything from workplace safety – i.e. ensuring that workers are protected from falls from heights – to the number of hours worked and wages to ensure that workers are not taken advantage of. These laws govern…

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Newsday Reports: Napoli Shkolnik Files Notice of Claim on behalf of Westhampton Residents

03.22.17 | Environmental Litigation

Partner Marie Napoli confirmed to Newsday that Napoli Shkolnik PLLC has filed a notice of claim against Suffolk County and the state Department of Environmental Conservation on behalf of approximately 200 Westhampton residents. The Westhampton community believes that they have been exposed to the hazardous chemical PFOS, which was part of the liquid foam used by…

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