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$233,400 Zadroga Award

Our client lived in the World Trade Center area at the time of 9/11 and was exposed to the toxins in the air. She also had to walk over the Brooklyn Bridge to get to work and  developed asthma, which is a persistent problem for her. Ultimately she lost her job due to frequent asthma…

$1M+ Zadroga Award

Our client was an engineer who cleaned up debris at the World Trade Center site.  He filed a claim with the original Victim Compensation Fund and received a non-economic award for his pain and suffering. The WTC Health Program certified asthma, chronic rhinitis, sinusitis, gastro reflux disease and sleep apnea as being exposure-related. When our client…

$1.2M+ Zadroga Award

Our client was a union steelworker who volunteered to clean up debris at the World Trade Center site after 9/11. He developed rectosigmoid cancer, which affects the rectum and colon, after being exposed to fumes and toxins at the site after working 40 hours in only a few days. He became disabled and was no…

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  • Hunter Shkolnik Speaks to The Associated Press: Opioid Suit

  • Partner Hunter Shkolnik discusses the role Purdue and the Sackler family had in the country’s opioid crisis. “Purdue is a bad company. The Sackler's ran it in a bad way. They're out of the company. No one's going to bring back the family, the family members they lost. No one is going to cure an opioid addict because of a settlement. But what's important here is we really cut the head off of this serpent. It is never going to be able to do this again."

  • Marie Napoli on the Dr. Oz Show

  • Marie Napoli represents Charity Carson who has filed a civil complaint against adult film actor Ron Jeremy. Charity describes how she believes that she was going to be raped by her former friend and decided to come forward to share her experience. Marie Napoli explains how bringing the civil action is part of the healing process for Charity as she works to take back control of her life.

  • Marie: Ahmaud Arbery: Witness Credibility Allison McMichael

  • Allison McMichael speaks on behalf of her husband, Gregory McMichael who is accused of murdering jogger Ahmaud Arbery. Marie found Allison McMichael's testimony credible as she spoke about his time with the police department and work as a DA Investigator. Marie Napoli on Law and Crime Network


  • Law360 Quotes Partner Matt Lavin on “No Surprises Act”

  • The No Surprises Act , which was signed into law Dec. 27 after being tucked into the year-end spending bill, protects patients from getting slapped with surprise bills after visits to the emergency room or their regular medical providers, leaving any payment disputes up to their plan and provider to resolve. Napoli Shkolnik PLLC’s Matt…

  • Editor’s Pick Selects $17.5M AFFF Settlement

  •’s global newsroom covers litigation at every level, from bet-the-company cases involving multinational litigants to local personal injury lawsuits with statewide implications. Here you’ll find the best of our litigation trend analysis and in-depth commentary from practitioners and judges, along with our coverage of key players, breaking news, game-changing rulings, major recoveries and international cases.…

  • Paul Napoli Quoted on $17.5M AFFF Settlement

  • A group representing residents in the Town of Peshtigo have reached a $17.5 million settlement with Tyco, a company that produces firefighting foam in Wisconsin near Marinette, over contamination of a manmade set of chemicals called per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — or PFAS.. Download

  • PFAS Contamination $17.5M Settlement for Community

  • Johnson Controls has agreed to pay $17.5 million to Peshtigo area residetns whose water was contaminated by “forever chemicals” from a manufacturing plant in Marinette. Download


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Aviation Lawsuit Filed Against Boeing Regarding Hard Landing

01.21.21 | Aviation Accidents

Lawyers representing victims of Pegasus Flight 2193, announced that a lawsuit was filed against The Boeing Company and the aircraft owner. The lawsuit asserts claims of Negligence, Product Liability, and Breach of Warranty regarding a Boeing aircraft that crashed in Istanbul, Turkey. On February 5, 2020, a commercial flight operated by Pegasus Airlines was scheduled…

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FAA Authorizes Drone Flyovers

01.21.21 | Aviation Accidents

Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s an unmanned aerial vehicle! The Federal Aviation Administration recently relaxed some rules in this area. Drones can now fly over people and fly during non-daylight hours. In return, drones must be equipped with better remote identification technology. One watchdog group described Remote…

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AFFF Class Action Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of TX Community

01.19.21 | Environmental Litigation

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC has filed a class action lawsuit for the contamination of the groundwater relied upon private well owners in Lubbock, Texas. The class action complaint was filed against manufacturers of aqueous firefighting foams (“AFFF”) containing perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (“PFOS”) and perfluorooctanoic acid (“PFOA”) and manufacturers of fluorosurfactants containing PFOS and PFOA. The class action…

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New Program Transforms Workers Into Owners

01.19.21 | Napoli Shkolnik News

Corner delis and other mom-and-pop businesses dominate many areas of New York City. Beginning in 2021, when these owners retire, their workers might be able to fill their shoes. Mayor Bill de Blasio predicted that the Employee Ownership NYC program would “change the rules of the game” by providing up to $10,000 in support for…

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