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$2,499,000 Premises Settlement

Our client was walking in midtown Manhattan when he tripped and fell over a defective and hazardous utility box in the middle of a crosswalk. As a result of his fall, our client sustained significant and traumatic injuries to his right shoulder. These life-altering injuries effectively ended his professional golf career.

$995,000 Premises Settlement

Our client was working when he stepped on a poorly secured Masonite board, which caused him to trip and stumble. He struck his head on the corner of a wall and has caused him permanent injuries, including a traumatic brain injury.

$6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Our client underwent a discectomy back procedure at a local hospital, which resulted in a sever to the thyroid artery.  He then developed post-operative bleeding in his neck, which led to a blocked airway and eventually hypoxic brain damage. This left him in a temporary coma and with significant permanent disabilities.  As part of the…

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  • Marie Napoli Quoted by Courthouse News Service

  • New York Courts Reopen Months Into Lockdown With Rush of Lawsuits Other firms were well-positioned to handle things virtually. “Remote practice was not problematic for us but has been for many,” said Marie Napoli, co-founder of Napoli Shkolnik, a leading personal-injury firm where a surface scratch of their caseloads shows litigation on opioids, asbestos and…

  • Bloomberg Law: Matt Lavin on Delaying Mental Health Suits

  • “I’ve had a lot of insurance companies trying to put the brakes indefinitely on cases using the ubiquitous ‘Covid’ excuse,” said Matt Lavin, a partner at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC who almost exclusively represents behavioral health patients and providers. In every single case he has pending, without exception, Lavin said insurance company lawyers have used the…

  • PFAS Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Tampa Bay Water

  • Tampa Bay Water, the regional supplier of drinking water for more than 2.5 million people, is suing chemical companies including DuPont and 3M over environmental contamination from flame retardants. “Motivated by billions of dollars in profits, the DuPont Defendants and 3M have intentionally withheld, suppressed, minimalized, diminished, marginalized, misrepresented, and obfuscated factual information in their…

  • 2nd Circuit Says Hoosick Falls PI Claims Are Fair Game

  • The ruling affirms Judge Kahn’s 2017 decision to allow claims by residents of the Village of Hoosick Falls, New York, for damages related to medical monitoring to advance, as well as their personal injury, property damage, trespass and nuisance claims. The residents say they ingested PFOA-laced water as a result of contamination from one or…


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Coronavirus Extends Deadlines in Child Sexual Abuse Cases

06.02.20 | Coronavirus

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo already made headlines by approving a sweeping child sexual abuse law which could provide relief to thousands of victims. Cuomo made headlines again by further extending deadlines “to ensure that COVID-19 does not stand in the way of justice.” Specifically, the order extended the lookback period to January 14, 2021.…

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Are Aging Dams Ticking Time Bombs?

06.01.20 | Napoli Shkolnik News

In general, time heals all wounds and degrades all things. If these general principles apply to the nation’s dams, and they probably do, the recent Michigan dam failures could be just the beginning. One national safety and advocacy group says more than 2,000 dams in the United States are deficient and highly likely to fail.…

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Coronavirus: How It Seems to Affect Children

05.29.20 | Coronavirus

The light at the end of the tunnel might be an oncoming train. As life slowly gets back to normal, there could be more reason than ever to be alarmed. Officials are seeing a steep rise in the number of Kawasaki Disease patients, especially children. A significant number of these children either tested positive for…

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Evenflo Car Seat Manufacturers Under Scrutiny

05.27.20 | Personal Injury

Evenflo voluntarily recalled a number of car seats after a consumer watchdog group uncovered a critical flaw, and some parents say Graco invented inflated safety claims to pump up sales of some models. Consumer Reports testing revealed that some Evenflo car seats had a critical flaw. During low-speed impacts, the plastic split, causing the strap…

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