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$6 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

Our client underwent a discectomy back procedure at a local hospital, which resulted in a sever to the thyroid artery.  He then developed post-operative bleeding in his neck, which led to a blocked airway and eventually hypoxic brain damage. This left him in a temporary coma and with significant permanent disabilities.  As part of the…

$4.8 Million Medical Malpractice Settlement

This settlement was won on behalf of a child who suffered an anoxic brain injury leading to significant developmental delays after a hospital failed to intervene to perform a timely c-section. The child suffers from significant developmental disabilities as well as cerebral palsy and a significant seizure disorder.

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  • Hunter Shkolnik on FoxBusiness Discussing J&J Case in OK

  • Johnson & Johnson has a history of taking plaintiffs to the mat and they generally get hit pretty hard and pretty bad. Then on the appellate level they begin to settle. Napoli Shkolnilk represents the cities and counties and by extension the actual people who have lost loved ones. The companies knew what they were doing and caused this problem.

  • NY1: A Step Closer to Justice for John Ramsey

  • "There is no physical evidence linking John Ramsey to the crime," said Craig Phemister, his attorney from the litigation firm of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC. "He was not even there that night."


  • Bloomberg Law: Firm Representing Milwaukee in Opioid Case

  • Milwaukee’s city attorney hired New York firm Napoli Shkolnik to represent the city in litigation against drug companies, manufacturers, doctors, and others, to recover costs of battling the state’s opioid crisis. The firm agreed to represent Milwaukee for a contingency fee of 25% and cost reimbursement. (Wisconsin Public Radio)

  • Law360 Quotes Hunter Shkolnik on OH Opioid MDL Trial

  • The Sixth Circuit on Thursday rejected eleventh-hour bids by the Ohio attorney general and drug companies to block an upcoming bellwether trial in multidistrict litigation accusing drugmakers of fueling the opioid crisis, rejecting the state’s arguments that the counties in the case are usurping its authority. “Cuyahoga County is very pleased to see that both writs…

  • Urban Milwaukee: Council Unamiously Hires Napoli Shkolnik

  • The Common Council voted unanimously in favor of legislation that authorizes the City Attorney to hire outside counsel for litigation to recover expenses incurred by the city from the opioid crisis. Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC, has extensive experience representing municipalities and counties in excess of 250 cases seeking damages and remedies in regard to the opioid…

  • Alcohol reinforces both positively and negatively

  • Research findings are shedding new light on the role of both positive and negative reinforcement in drinking behavior and the development of alcohol use disorders, as well as highlighting the challenges in identifying viable treatment strategies to reduce alcohol use.


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5 Steps for Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit in New York

10.17.19 | Personal Injury

If you’ve been the victim of a car accident, you know that the damages usually go beyond needing a few auto repairs. You may sustain injuries that take weeks or even months to recover from, which can impact your career, family, and other obligations. You may even experience psychological or emotional damage. The stress of…

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Two More Blood Pressure Drugs Added to Ongoing FDA Recall

10.14.19 | Pharmaceutical Litigation

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s voluntary blood pressure drug recall continues as Torrent Pharmaceuticals Limited announced it is expanding its nationwide recall to include two blood pressure medications that were found to contain trace amounts of a potential cancer-causing carcinogen. The two medications are 3 lots of Losartan Potassium Tablets USP and 2 lots…

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It May Be a Crime to Say ‘Illegal Alien’ in NYC

10.10.19 | Civil Rights

If people use this phrase to describe undocumented residents, and they intend to “demean, humiliate or harass a person,” New York City officials may asses a fine of up to $250,000. A related prohibition applies to anyone who threatens to call immigration officials, if the party has a “discriminatory motive.” Words have power in court…

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Couple Loses $12K in Airbnb Scam

10.08.19 | Napoli Shkolnik News

Denise and Ian Feltham paid thousands of dollars for a dream vacation rental which did not exist. The law protects victims like these, and that protection often comes from some unexpected places. The couple responded to an Airbnb ad for a vacation rental in Spain. But the person who posted the ad apparently harvested pictures…

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