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$950,000 Personal Injury Settlement

This negotiated amount was obtained on behalf our client who sustained injuries in a motor vehicle accident. This recovery was against our own client’s policy.

$950,000 Settlement

This settlement was obtained on behalf of a husband and two young children who lost their wife and mother after her serious streptococcal infection went undiagnosed.

$500,000 Settlement

This case involved complications from prostate cancer and the negligent insertion of a needle that punctured the rectum.

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Data Breaches: How To Protect Yourself From A Hack

05.24.17 | Napoli Shkolnik News

We are living in an era where all of our most important information and data is stored electronically and in the cloud, which means that data breaches are a real threat. Here are some easy things that you can do to protect yourself from a data hack and keep your sensitive information private: Change Your…

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Pool Safety Tips To Keep You and Loved Ones Safe This Summer

05.22.17 | Personal Injury

While swimming pools provide entertainment and relief from the heat of summer, they are also extremely dangerous. Not only are surfaces around pools wet, creating the risk of slip and fall accident, but unintentional drowning incidents are the fifth leading cause of injury death in the United States. Drowning deaths primarily affect children aged 14…

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Unnecessary Medical Procedures and Medical Malpractice

05.20.17 | Medical Malpractice

Patients in the United States depend on their doctors for medical care and advice, and often trust whatever their doctor says. But what happens when a doctor unnecessarily performs medical procedures, ranging from tests to surgeries, at a patient’s expense? Types of Unnecessary Medical Procedures  Doctors may perform an array of medical procedures in order…

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Children Not Safe In Osprey Backpacks

05.19.17 | Commercial Litigation & Class Actions

  RECALL ALERT Osprey is a Backpacking/Hiking gear manufacturer based in Cortez, Colorado. Their products range from backpacks to duffel bags and suitcases, even baby wearing gear. These specially designed backpacks can allow adventurous parents the opportunity to share the great outdoors with their children. Hiking is an exciting outdoor activity, that, when introduced to…

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