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At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, our nationally renowned attorneys have been involved in a number of monumental settlements and verdicts. Our distinguished attorneys frequently appear on major media outlets to share their insights and expertise on a wide array of legal matters. Many of those videos appear below, as well as other informative clips relating to our practice areas such as Medical Malpractice, Mesothelioma, Personal Injury, World Trade Center litigation, and more.

These videos, as well as several others, can be found on our YouTube channel. Contact our law firm today and find out how we can help you with your case.

  • Hunter Shkolnik on Former Trump Adviser Being Indicted

  • Hunter on Law and Crime Trial Network. 4 Defendants have been charged with defrauding "We Build the Wall" donors. Hunter comments that for the prosecution, this is a straightforward financial wire fraud case, "follow the money." He adds that this is a classic case for one of the defendants to take a plea to reduce their sentence in exchange for information to convict the other 3. Who will it be?  

  • Hunter Shkolnik on Law & Crime: Transwoman Dies in Custody

  • Transwoman Layleen Polanco suffered a seizure, while in solitary confinement, in Rikers Island. Prison officials knew of her medical condition and still placed her in solitary confinement, which her family believes contributed to her death. Hunter says, "It's very simple. You don't put a person with a known medical condition in solitary confinement."

  • Law & Crime Network: Hunter Shkolnik on First Amendment

  • 18-year old Emily Gee received a $2500 bill for police overtime for their presence at her BLM protest. Hunter says, " This is a prime example of utilizing a law to prevent someone from exercising their first amendment rights. Plain and simple."

  • Hunter Shkolnik on Law & Crime: Breonna Taylor

  • Hunter explains a Castle Doctrine state where a person has the right to defend their home and loves ones. Breonna Taylor was killed by police in an apartment raid. Her boyfriend had a legally registered gun and fired one shot and was initially charged with attempted murder of an officer.

  • What does the Roundup Lawsuit Seek?

  • Partner Chris Schnieders explains that the federal lawsuit filed on behalf of the National Black Farmer's Association seeks injunctive relief to protect black farmers and minority farmers.

  • Partner Chris Schnieders Explains Filed Federal Roundup Case

  • Co-counsel Chris Schnieders said it’s time for the United States to join nations in Europe and Asia that have already banned the sale of Roundup, including Bayer’s home country of Germany, which has announced plans to phase out its use by 2023.

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