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At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, our nationally renowned attorneys have been involved in a number of monumental settlements and verdicts. Our distinguished attorneys frequently appear on major media outlets to share their insights and expertise on a wide array of legal matters. Many of those videos appear below, as well as other informative clips relating to our practice areas such as Medical Malpractice, Mesothelioma, Personal Injury, World Trade Center litigation, and more.

These videos, as well as several others, can be found on our YouTube channel. Contact our law firm today and find out how we can help you with your case.

  • Craig Phemister on Fox5 News: Queens Sewage Backup Claims

  • Nearly 2 years after the November 2019 sewer pipe break, South Ozone, Queens residents are still dealing with issues from the backup. The City accepted responsibility but attorney Craig Phemister says their settlement offers wouldn't even "cover the tip of the iceberg" of his client's claims.

  • Patrick Lanciotti on KAMC-ABC About PFAS Class Action Suit

  • Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of private water well owners in Lubbock for contamination of the groundwater. "They knew for decades that these chemicals were bio-cumulative, persist in the environment, and would accumulate in people’s blood,” said Patrick Lanciotti, a Napoli Shkolnik associate.  

  • Hunter Shkolnik Speaks to The Associated Press: Opioid Suit

  • Partner Hunter Shkolnik discusses the role Purdue and the Sackler family had in the country’s opioid crisis. “Purdue is a bad company. The Sackler's ran it in a bad way. They're out of the company. No one's going to bring back the family, the family members they lost. No one is going to cure an opioid addict because of a settlement. But what's important here is we really cut the head off of this serpent. It is never going to be able to do this again."

  • Marie Napoli on the Dr. Oz Show

  • Marie Napoli represents Charity Carson who has filed a civil complaint against adult film actor Ron Jeremy. Charity describes how she believes that she was going to be raped by her former friend and decided to come forward to share her experience. Marie Napoli explains how bringing the civil action is part of the healing process for Charity as she works to take back control of her life.

  • Marie: Ahmaud Arbery: Witness Credibility Allison McMichael

  • Allison McMichael speaks on behalf of her husband, Gregory McMichael who is accused of murdering jogger Ahmaud Arbery. Marie found Allison McMichael's testimony credible as she spoke about his time with the police department and work as a DA Investigator. Marie Napoli on Law and Crime Network

  • Marie Napoli on Ahmaud Arbery: Judge on Testimony of a Minor

  • Erica Stefanko is charged with aggravated murder for her alleged role in the murder of Ashley Biggs. Erica Stefanko is accused of helping her ex husband Chad Cobb with murdering his partner Ashley Biggs with whom he shares a daughter. Their daughter may testify at trial. Marie on Law and Crime Network

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