$100 Million Settlement

March 7, 2016

This settlement was reached on behalf of the injured women who used the birth control device, NuvaRing®. The case was brought about by consumers who claimed that the manufacturer failed to adequately warn consumers about the heightened risk of blood clots and other injuries that may result from use of the contraceptive, even though that manufacturer was aware of the risks involved. A Federal court in New Jersey had an issue raised earlier of an alleged blood clot brought on by this birth control apparatus after it had been discovered to injured its users. The Hormone implanted silicon ring is placed into the vagina where it averts a maternity by releasing hormones. The apparatus and drug mix was alleged to Have resulted in injuries and death to users. The lawsuit started back in 2008 with the plaintiff lawyer being Hunter J. Shkolnik, a partner with Paul Napoli in the case, the consumers indicated the manufacturer of this product had not satisfactorily provided warnings about the serious danger of blood clots nevertheless the maker understood that the dangers were really real.  
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