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Since they first arrived in U.S. markets around 2009, both regulators and media attention have mostly focused on the adverse health effects, if any, of Kanger E-Cigarettes, which are imported from a production facility in Shenzhen, China. However, it is becoming apparent that these devices have a fatal design flaw that may be just as hazardous than the vapors themselves. In fact, the U.S. Fire Administration received reports of more than two dozen product explosions between 2009 and 2014, and the market has almost doubled in size since then. From our principal offices in New York, the knowledgeable attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC routinely handle a wide range of defective product cases in courtrooms throughout the country. So, we quickly and professionally evaluate your claim, while ensuring that you receive the medical care you need as we work on your case.  

About Kangertech E-Cigarettes

All e-cigarettes heat a combustible substance as opposed to burning it, which is why they produce vapor instead of smoke. For the most part, these well-tested products are safe to use, at least from a physical design and engineering standpoint. Most U.S.-produced e-cigarettes mimic paper cigarettes in their look and size, and they’re powered by a tiny 2W battery. Kanger E-Cigarettes, on the other hand, are slightly larger, perhaps the size of a fountain pen or small tape recorder. Even more significantly they have powerful lithium ion batteries which burn at up to 50W. After just a few minutes of continuous use, the battery begins to overheat, and the uninsulated housing simply cannot absorb that heat. As a result, Kanger E-Cigarettes are prone to explosion either while in a person’s mouth or while in a purse or pocket. Even worse, some models eject overheated batteries in such situations, turning them into dangerous projectiles. Exploding e-cigarettes often cause serious injuries, such as third-degree burns. These burns nearly always require painful and expensive skin grafts to correct. Compensation is available for these and other medical bills, in addition to other economic damages, including lost wages. In a gruesome 2015 incident, a Florida man had to undergo emergency spinal reconstruction surgery after a Kanger E-Cigarette exploded in his mouth. A number of Kanger E-Cigarette defective product lawsuits are already pending in New Jersey and elsewhere. The other issue is that, unlike some other models, Kanger E-Cigarettes are customizable, allowing the user to set the parameters for usage, charge the devices with different battery chargers, and so on. As these e-cigarettes contain no adequate safety warnings or usage instructions, customers might inadvertently transform safe products into dangerous ones. Moreover, due to the nature of Chinese manufacturing, much of this customization also occurs in the factory, as different component parts from all over the world might go into a single device, and these parts may or may not be compatible with one another.  

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