Personal Injury

Helping the Injured Seek Justice and Financial Compensation.

Personal Injury


A serious and unexpected personal injury is a devastating blow. Fortunately, the experienced New York  Personal Injury attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC are available to help 24/7/365. Our aggressive representation has two primary goals.

First, we hold negligent actors accountable for their misconduct, and send a clear message that while everyone makes mistakes, everyone must face the consequences of their mistakes. Second, our New York personal injury lawyers fight for the compensation you deserve. In most cases, that includes money for economic damages, such as medical bills, and noneconomic damages, such as emotional distress.


Generally speaking, negligence is any action or inaction that constitutes a failure to provide reasonable care, when this results in injury to another person. Thousands of serious injuries occur every day in the United States. Most of them are entirely avoidable, and happen only as a direct result of another party’s irresponsible and negligent actions.

Nothing can reverse your injuries or harm sustained, but you do have the right to partner with a New York personal injury attorney and file a personal injury damage claim against an at-fault party.

Personal injury law exists so that victims and families who have been harmed by others can obtain the compensation they need and deserve. There are many different types of personal injury claims, and our experienced Bronx personal injury lawyers are prepared to handle many different kinds of claims.

Pharmaceutical Injuries

Companies who put profits before people commit one of the worst kinds of medical malpractice. Too many times, in their zeal to sell as many medical devices or new drugs as possible, companies bury adverse information about their products, such as the risk of serious side-effects. An aggressive New York personal injury lawyer is highly trained and experienced in situations like these, and that is a fighter that you want and need in your corner.

Workers’ Compensation

New York personal injury attorneys can help workers obtain no-fault insurance benefits, whether they were hurt because of a sudden trauma injury, like a fall, or because of a long-term occupational disease, such as hearing loss. These benefits include money for lost wages, as well as comprehensive medical care. In most cases, workers’ compensation benefits are retroactive to the date of injury and victims with pre-existing conditions remain eligible.

Product Liability

In their haste to build a better mousetrap and sell as many items as possible, many product manufacturers either overlook serious flaws during the design stage or do not address errors during the manufacturing process. Both these mistakes often result in dangerous products being offered to innocent people, and injured consumers can partner with an NYC personal injury lawyer, and often obtain both compensatory and punitive damages.

Asbestos Exposure

Persons who lived or work at or near construction sites are at risk for a wide range of serious illnesses, including mesothelioma and asbestosis, that may not appear for years or even decades after exposure to asbestos fibers. By that time, the damage is often so serious that New York personal injury attorneys must fight extra hard for victims to obtain the compensation they need to live their lives.


Medical Malpractice

Today, doctors see so many patients that they too often overlook the details involved in patient care, and these unintentional oversights sometimes lead to serious injury. For example, doctors frequently misdiagnose some illnesses, causing their patients to suffer even more. And, routine surgical oversights can lead to catastrophic and life-altering medical mistakes. An experienced personal injury lawyer in NYC is a strong voice for victims in these cases.


From everyday accidents and workplace injuries to chemical exposure cases and wrongful death, our firm is prepared to fight on behalf of those who have suffered damages at the hands of others. Napoli Shkolnik's New York personal injury attorneys have secured multi-million dollar verdicts in both state and federal courts for the injured. Our award-winning lawyers are passionate about fighting for clients, and we’ve recovered over $3 billion in verdicts and settlements on their behalves.


Auto Accidents

Our Long Island personal injury lawyers handle a full range of car crash cases, including collisions involving large commercial tractor-trailers, pedestrians, bicyclists, and other motor vehicles. We fight to secure maximum compensation for victims of traffic accidents.

Catastrophic Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, and severe burns are among the most serious injuries. These injuries often alter the lives of victims and loved ones, and are nearly always permanent. Whether the injury resulted from a fall or a serious car crash, our New York personal injury attorneys stand up for the victims.

Construction Accidents

Whether you were working at a construction site, were visiting, or were simply passing by, you may have sustained serious injuries caused by a fall, equipment malfunction, falling object or other incident. Our experienced Queens personal injury attorneys will go over all your legal options, including a negligence lawsuit or a workers’ compensation claim, so you can obtain money to assist you with economic losses and help assuage noneconomic losses.

Dog Bites

Although domesticated, the truth of the matter is that dogs are still animals that are driven by instinct, and any dog can attack any person at any time. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, the dog’s owner may be legally required to pay financial compensation for your injuries. A New York personal injury attorney at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC can rely on several legal theories to file a claim for damages.

Nursing Home Abuse

Residents and patients at nursing homes in New York and throughout the U.S. deserve to be treated with respect and dignity, which is why long-term care facilities have a high duty of care towards their residents. At a minimum, this duty includes proper medical care, proper nutrition and hygiene, an attentive staff, and prompt responses to medical or other emergencies. Our New York personal injury attorneys routinely take on cases involving physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, malnutrition, neglect and negligence in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.


Filing a personal injury claim can help you and your loved ones recover the damages that you need to pay for medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses incurred. This type of claim can also help you to recover damages for both tangible and intangible losses, such as loss of property or mental anguish, pain, and suffering. When injuries are severe, a personal injury claim can also provide you with a means of paying for future medical care and treatment, as well as supporting yourself and your loved ones.


Sexual Assaults

The criminal justice system is primarily designed to punish offenders, not to compensate victims. So, in addition to pressing criminal charges, sexual assault victims may be able to file civil lawsuits against the perpetrators, to obtain monetary compensation for all the physical and emotional injuries that they sustained.

Slip and Fall

These incidents often cause serious injuries, particularly among the very young and the elderly. If you slipped and fell on another’s property, perhaps on a wet floor or due to a dimly-lit staircase, and the owner was negligent in maintaining the property, a New York personal injury attorney may be able to help you obtain significant compensation.

Subway Accidents

The subway system is an integral part of New York’s transportation system. As a result, millions of people travel on subways every day, and they risk injury not only from collisions, but also in accidents at subway stations, platforms and inside the subway cars themselves. The MTA has a duty to ensure safe transit for its passengers, and any breach of that duty can be the subject of a lawsuit.

Train Accidents

A train accident may be a disaster of epic proportions, causing considerable property damage and resulting in the loss of dozens or hundreds of lives, depending on the location of the accident and the number of passengers on the train. Most such tragedies are related to simple negligence, such as operator inattention or a mechanical failure, and our NY personal injury lawyers fight for victims in these cases.

Violent Crime Victims

Victims and families of victims of violent crimes, such as assault, rape and murder, can team up with a New York personal injury attorney and take legal action in civil court. This means the perpetrator may face criminal charges as well as a civil lawsuit, wherein the victim or family obtains financial compensation for their injuries or loss. Because of the lower standard of proof in civil court, such compensation may be available even if the defendant is found not guilty.

Wrongful Death

A wrongful death is a loss of life that’s caused by negligence or wrongdoing on the part of another. Auto accidents, medical malpractice, defective products and dangerous prescription drugs are just some potential causes of wrongful death.

The New York personal injury attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC want to discuss your personal injury matter with you. To learn more about the process of filing a claim and recovering damages, schedule a free case review with us today.