$8 Million Federal Court Settlement

March 7, 2016

The firm obtained this settlement on behalf of a senior citizen who was struck by a Mack truck tractor trailer while walking in a crosswalk. The pedestrian suffered a traumatic leg amputation after being run over by the truck. Based on what Paul has instructed his group of lawyers and shown by expertise for decades is that every individual's rights, young or old, should be admired. Napoli Shkolnik managed to acquire a crucial settlement for an elderly member of their society. The senior citizen was walking across the crosswalk while a Mack kind of tractor truck struck the person. As a result, the blameless pedestrian who had been moving about his affairs when the impolite and debilitating accident occurred had a leg amputated, a traumatic encounter particularly for a senior citizen. The truck had run across the senior citizen removing his leg. Together with the 8 million settlement acquired in the national court, justice has been served and the wounded individual well paid to seek better medical aid and live a comfortable lifestyle which included attempting to make sense of life living with an amputation.

Category: Personal Injury

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