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Anesthesia is a term used to describe a medically induced loss of sensation or pain sensitivity. It may affect part or all of the body, depending on the type of procedure it is used for. As an example, a local anesthetic (affecting a specific, small area of the body) may be used by a dentist when filling a cavity. Regional anesthesia affects a large portion of the body, such as an epidural administered to a pregnant woman during childbirth. General anesthesia affects the entire body; the patient is essentially unconscious during the procedure and has no memory of it after the fact. The administration of an anesthetic is a delicate process. That is why medical professionals called anesthesiologists have the task of properly administering the medication and monitoring the patient during and immediately after a procedure. Anesthesiologists are only human, however, and humans make mistakes. Some common errors associated with anesthesiology include:
  • Administering too much or too little of an anesthetic;
  • Administering anesthesia to a patient that has a known allergy;
  • Harmful drug interactions with an anesthetic;
  • Improper/inadequate administration of oxygen during surgery;
  • Failing to monitor a patient's vital signs during surgery; and
  • Delayed delivery of anesthesia.

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Serving New York

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC represents clients across New York who have suffered from anesthesia errors and all other forms of medical malpractice. We have seen just how much pain and suffering can be caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of an anesthesiologist involved in a surgery or other procedure. With more than 150 years of collective legal experience and more than $3 billion recovered for our clients since 2000 alone, we are confident in our ability to properly represent patients' interests in these complex cases. Though they are highly technical and involve medical terminology and practices, our attorneys work directly with expert witnesses and professionals to build compelling cases. You can contact a New York medical malpractice lawyer at our firm now to learn more about your options, or you can continue reading about anesthesiologist errors and their consequences.

Consequences of Anesthesiologist Errors

The consequences of an anesthesiologist's errors may have a profound impact on a patient, leading to serious injury or even death. Some of the adverse effects of anesthesia errors include:
  • Asphyxia (physical blockage of the airway);
  • Brain damage resulting from a lack of oxygen to the brain;
  • Paralysis;
  • Heart attack or stroke during or immediately after a procedure;
  • Coma;
  • Awareness or pain during a procedure; and
  • Death.
A patient who experiences the results of mistakes or negligence by an anesthesiologist or any medical professional may face an entirely changed future. Medical bills associated with the injury may be astronomic. The patient may miss a considerable amount of work. Lost earnings combined with medical expenses can lead to serious financial problems. For families that lose loved ones to anesthesia errors, they may face financial instability and a considerable amount of psychological trauma. At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC we believe that healthcare professionals who jeopardize their patients' lives and well-being should be held accountable. As we represent our clients in New York medical malpractice lawsuits, we always take care to put their best interests first in our fight for justice and fair compensation.

What legal options do I have?

If an anesthesia error caused you or a loved one to suffer injury, you may have grounds for a medical malpractice lawsuit against the at-fault individual or medical facility. Filing a lawsuit of this kind will grant you the opportunity to seek financial compensation for medical bills, lost earnings, pain, suffering and future medical expenses and lost wages. This can make a significant difference in your ability to begin rebuilding and moving on with your life. It will be necessary to prove that the anesthesiologist failed to provide a standard level of treatment or care based upon the accepted standards at the time that the procedure was performed. Our attorneys, investigators and support staff are familiar with building evidence that proves malpractice on the part of anesthesiologists, doctors, surgeons, nurses and other professionals in the healthcare field. We often involve medical experts to make sure we can effectively prove the proper standard of care and how our client's doctor deviated from this. Representing clients throughout New York, Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC is here to provide you with guidance and support in the aftermath of an anesthesia error. Whether your case involves a dental procedure, cosmetic surgery, plastic surgery or any type of elective or lifesaving procedure, you can count on our professionalism and attention to detail to properly handle your case. Contact our office today for a free case review.
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