$950,000 Settlement

February 16, 2017

This settlement was obtained on behalf of a husband and two young children who lost their wife and mother after her serious streptococcal infection went undiagnosed. A young mother, presented to an urgent care facility with signs and symptoms of a potentially serious and life threatening infection.  Despite her symptoms, she was thought to simply have a cold and was sent home.  She continued to deteriorate in the days that followed, and was found dead by her husband in her bed a few days later. The defendants in this case strongly contested liability and claimed it was reasonable that her symptoms at the time could be misdiagnosed and put blame on the woman for not seeking further care as her condition worsened.  After successfully defeating a motion to dismiss in which defendants submitted evidence from experts attesting to a lack of malpractice, the case was settled at mediation for more than triple the initial offer made by defendants.
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