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Medical Malpractice Team Achieves Approximately Million Dollar Settlement

Medical Malpractice Team Achieves Approximately Million Dollar Settlement

February 16, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

When a family member or a loved one is sick, we want to do everything we can to make them better as quickly as possible. Sometimes we have to rely on outside care from medical providers. We trust that they will care as much as we do about getting a person well. Unfortunately that is not always the case, as one Long Island, New York family learned. They lost a mother, wife, and daughter because her streptococcal infection went undiagnosed.

The family of the young Suffolk County resident contacted our medical malpractice attorneys after she had passed away from this infection even after having sought medical treatment. She had been suffering from a fever, significant facial pain and other symptoms. She did not have medical insurance but visited an urgent care facility for medical attention as she was not improving. The facility sent her home with what is commonly referred to as a “Z-Pac.”

A few days later, she was found deceased in bed. She had, in fact, been suffering from a serious infection.

The defendants strongly contested any liability, contending that the treatment this young, now deceased, woman had received was completely appropriate. The defendants made an initial offer of $200,000. Representing her grieving husband and two children, our tenacious medical malpractice attorneys successfully argued that our client was entitled to a trial. The Court agreed.

No amount of money can replace the loss of a loved one. However, our attorneys were able to secure a settlement of $950,000, which will help support the family in the years to come.

The case was handled by Partner Joseph Napoli and medical malpractice associates, Joseph Ciaccio and Kristina Georgiou.

If you believe you or a loved one were the victim of medical negligence, you must not delay in consulting with medical malpractice attorneys who are experienced in such matters. The attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC have years of experience handling cases involving medical malpractice.

Past results are not a guarantee or prediction of similar results in future cases.  Settlements and verdicts in all cases depend on a variety of facts and circumstances.  Every case is unique. 

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