Joseph L. Ciaccio


Since beginning his career, Joseph has dedicated his practice to the representation of victims of medical malpractice. This includes the representation of children who have suffered birth injuries as well as families who have lost loved ones due to the negligence of physicians and medical facilities.

Since joining our office, Joseph has also applied this experience in our Pharmaceutical litigation department with the representation of clients injured by prescription medications.

As a skilled and dedicated personal injury attorney with experience in medical malpractice litigation, Joseph is part of the team currently handling the representation of both families and governmental entities against the manufacturers and distributors of opioid pain medications. He is presently handling the representation of hundreds of counties, cities, and other governmental entities in this litigation.

He has successfully litigated a wide variety of medical malpractice actions, including failures to diagnose cancer, infections, orthopedic negligence, and more.

Joseph has also successfully litigated a wide variety of birth-related injuries including fetal distress, hypoxia, and Erb’s palsy injuries.


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