Joseph Napoli


Joseph Napoli is a dedicated legal advocate, academic scholar, and performance artist who brings all his education, skills, experience, and talent to bear in each case that he handles.

Currently, Mr. Napoli spends most of his time advocating for clients injured in  auto accident cases and other types of personal injury that involve multi-million-dollar damage figures. As a personal injury attorney, Mr. Napoli also represents victims of defective products. Whether related to a design defect, manufacturing defect, or a failure to warn about known dangers, these actions often affect millions of innocent consumers.

In terms of individual actions, Mr. Napoli often represents victims of medical malpractice and construction negligence. When he was only a year out of law school, Mr. Napoli obtained a landmark decision reversing a one-hundred-year-old law allowing plaintiffs with foreign objects left in their bodies after surgery to sue from the date of discovery. Mr. Napoli also has an in-depth knowledge of New York’s complex scaffolding law, which holds some construction companies strictly liable for the damages that they cause.

Mr. Napoli is also one of the few personal injury attorneys in New York who routinely handles civil appeals.

Legal Scholar

In the past, Mr. Napoli has been an instructor at the St. John’s University School of law, the John Jay College of Criminal Justice, and the Bernard M. Baruch College of the City University of New York.

At these institutions, he taught various courses in areas like medical malpractice, evidence, and products liability. Mr. Napoli has also conducted torts seminars and trial seminars.

He is also the author of the Guide to New York Evidence, a manual of arms for Empire State litigators which is currently in its tenth printing.

PerformING Arts

Over the years, Mr. Napoli has brought his considerable writing talents to both stage and screen. He has penned several live plays and movie screenplays. He has also directed two feature films.