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Law360 Quotes Sal Badala on Jury Verdict in NY Opioid Trial

January 4, 2022

Source: Law360

During the trial, the state and the Long Island counties argued that Teva's downplaying of the risks of opioids led to communities being flooded with prescriptions, while Anda failed to flag suspicious orders. For its part, Teva argued that the state was to blame for not stopping doctors who made irresponsible opioid prescriptions. "We are so happy for our client," Salvatore C. Badala of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, counsel for Nassau, told Law360. "The Teva defendants and Anda have been held responsible by a jury. While these defendants touted themselves as heroes during the trial, the jury clearly disagreed. We are excited to present our damages case and holding these companies financially responsible for their conduct." The damages trial will take place in 2022, though no date has been set yet. Download

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