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Law360 Quotes Badala & Ciaccio on New Opioid Trial Attempt

May 16, 2022

Source: Law360

The companies "provide no legitimate basis for tossing the jury's verdict or subjecting the court, its staff, plaintiffs and the community to a complete do-over," the plaintiffs said. The companies' motion hinges on arguments already rejected by the court, they said. It was the second verdict from a jury in extensive opioid crisis litigation across the country. Teva could be on the hook for billions of dollars in damages — far more than the amounts paid by other drug companies that settled with New York before or during the trial. Salvatore Badala, counsel for Nassau County, told Law360 on Monday that after a long and extensive trial, the plaintiffs prevailed. Suffolk County Supreme Court Justice Jerry Garguilo conducted a fair trial, and Teva and Anda weren't prejudiced, he said. "Teva and Anda even decided to try and blame their fellow defendants, only after they left the courtroom," Badala said. "But, that strategy proved futile when the jury found Teva (its subsidiaries) and Anda wholly responsible in Nassau and Suffolk counties." "We hope we can have our second phase trial soon so that we can get the people in New York the help they need," he added. Joseph Ciaccio, who's also representing Nassau County, added, "[W]e remain thankful that, after hearing around six months of evidence, the jury agreed that these companies should be held responsible, and we look forward to moving to the next phase of the case soon."

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