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Because so many companies are so eager to place profits before people, construction accidents are very common in New York City and elsewhere. If you or somebody you know was injured at a construction site, the tenacious new york construction accident attorney at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC are here to fight for the compensation and respect you deserve. Victims who were hurt at work do not need to prove fault to receive generous workers' compensation benefits. Injured bystanders or visitors can often file damage claims directly against the negligent party. In either case, our goal is to find all possible sources of reimbursement and allow you to regain your financial stability and, to the greatest extent possible, regain the quality of life you had before the construction site accident. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost one in five fatal construction site accidents occur in the New York City area. Because of the high risk of serious injury, under-construction buildings are among the most dangerous locations for individuals. Extended work at a particular construction site presents an increased risk of sustaining serious injuries in an accident related to faulty gear, poor execution of safety standards, a motor vehicle collision, a fight with a belligerent co-worker, or other act of negligence.


The construction industry in New York is very competitive, so a few extra dollars on a bid is often the difference between making a profit and losing money. Many times, that extra few dollars come from neglecting safety equipment and/or safety training, an environment that often causes serious injuries. That's why you need a new york construction accident attorney to help you when you hurt yourself.  


Large construction cranes are a staple at most New York construction sites. These huge cranes require a high degree of skill to operate and must be in almost perfect condition to work properly and safely. If conditions are any less than ideal, serious or fatal injuries often occur. Should you ever be involved in a crane accident, you should call our attorneys as we are experts in new york crane accidents.  


At busy worksites, it’s often very hard to distinguish a live wire from a dead one. The problem is even acuter if any of the workers have limited English proficiency, which is a common occurrence at New York construction sites. Dangling or loose power lines cause many injuries as well. If workers and managers are not fully coordinated, or if any safety equipment is missing or inadequate, workers are often electrocuted. Napoli Shloknik routinely handles these kinds of New York construction accidents.  


There’s a saying at many construction sites that a hammer is like a handgun because you should never take either out unless you plan to use it. Nevertheless, being struck by a falling object, like a tool, is one of the most common construction site accidents in New York. Passers-by, such as visitors, delivery people, and building inspectors, are even more at risk for such a construction site accident because they are not wearing hardhats and other basic safety equipment. Moreover, they are often totally unaware of any hazard. Construction site owners are legally responsible for creating a safe environment for both workers and visitors. If they neglect that duty, they are liable for damages. new-york-construction-accident-attorney


Falls are the main reason for building industry deaths in the U.S., accounting for approximately one-third of most construction-related fatalities every year. Construction site falls often result from poorly assembled scaffolding, a failure to fully utilize other equipment or a lack of guardrails. Falls have the capability to lead to acute trauma and even death, based on the elevation of the victim.


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, use of an incorrect ladder, equipment that is in poor condition, and improper use, mostly due to erroneous or unclear instructions, are the top three causes of construction site ladder accidents. Because the victim falls from the ladder, the ladder falls on the victim, or both, these accidents often cause back injuries, brain injuries, and other serious trauma wounds.


Since 1885 and the dawn of the skyscraper age, New York courts have held construction site owners strictly liable for injuries that workers sustain while they work on scaffolding. The strict liability provision also applies to passers-by who are injured by falling scaffolding. Unsafe scaffolding especially affects non-English speaking workers, as almost 90 percent of the fatal scaffolding falls in New York City are Hispanic and/or foreign-born.


Timing is crucial in New York workers’ compensation matters if victims are to obtain full compensation for their economic losses, and the steps that injured victims take in the immediate aftermath of a construction site accident have a considerable bearing on the outcome.
  • Notify your supervisor immediately and file a formal, written claim as soon as possible.
  • Get the names and contact information of any witnesses. Be sure this contact information includes a cell phone or home phone number.
  • Keep accurate records, including a detailed diary, about both the nature of your injuries and the treatment you receive.
  • Preserve all receipts for medical expenses, including prescription drugs.
  • Most importantly, contact an experienced New York workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your case.
Injured bystanders should follow a similar protocol, because of the sooner that you hire a new york construction accident attorney, the sooner the lawyer can begin work. The stronger your claim for damages will be also. These damages normally include compensation for both economic losses, such as lost wages and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering. Working with an experienced and tenacious attorney is the best way to help ensure maximum compensation in New York for construction site accident cases. For a free consultation with an experienced new york construction accident attorney contact Napoli Shkolnik PLLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in workers’ compensation cases.

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