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Types of Workplace Accidents

Accidents happen, sometimes in spite of our best efforts to prevent them. We may take any of a number of precautions to try to avoid an incident that could leave us or our loved ones seriously injured. Unfortunately, all it takes is a split second for everything to change. A workplace accident may stem from another employee's misconduct or carelessness or from an act of negligence on the part of the employer. A workplace accident may also arise out of nowhere, with no rational cause to be seen. A New York workers' compensation attorney at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC may be able to help if you or a loved one were injured in any type of work accident. We take on cases related to:
  • Slip and fall accidents at the workplace
  • Falls (i.e. falls from scaffolding or other heights)
  • Injuries caused by falling objects
  • Accidents caused by defective or poorly maintained tools, machinery or equipment
  • Fires or explosions
  • Electrocution and electrical injuries
  • Construction accidents
  • Work-related motor vehicle accidents
There are many other types of accidents, all of which are covered by workers' compensation if they are deemed work-related. Our attorneys can talk to you about the circumstances surrounding your accident and injuries to determine whether you may be entitled to benefits.

The Role of Workers' Compensation in Work Accidents

Under the New York State workers' compensation system, injured workers are entitled to weekly benefits and medical care for work-related injuries. This includes injuries caused in various workplace accidents, such as falls, explosions and many others. One of the advantages of the workers' comp system is that injured workers do not need to prove liability in order to seek benefits. In filing a claim after a work accident, a worker need not prove that his or her employer or another employee was responsible for causing the incident. Even if the worker who is filing the claim was partially or entirely to blame (as long as the incident was not intentional or related to drug or alcohol abuse), he or she may be entitled to benefits. The workers' compensation system in New York eliminates the need for injured workers to file lawsuits in civil court in an attempt to recover money for medical care and lost earnings while they are disabled and unable to work. It simplifies and speeds up the process of recovering much-needed compensation. To successfully recover benefits, however, it is helpful to know how to navigate the system. This includes properly filing a claim and handling any issues that may arise, such as an employer or insurance provider disputing that the injury is work-related and should be covered by workers' compensation. That is where our attorneys can make all the difference.

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