Federal Class-Action Lawsuit Filed for Coal Waste Dump

The Observer-Reporter recently spoke with Napoli Shkolnik Partner Louise Caro regarding the class-action lawsuit the firm filed against FirstEnergy Corp. on behalf of Fayette County village residents.

Caro said, “I think the people that live there in LaBelle are being completely ignored and have been poisoned for some time, and it’s not going to stop.” She went on to add, “that dust is not contained, and with the weather, wind, LaBelle is always getting inundated with this dust.”

The suit alleges that residents have been subjected to dangerous chemicals from dust that leaves a large coal waste dump. The dust from the one-time largest coal-preparation processing site in the world, includes lead, arsenic, cadmium and chromium.

Coal ash is being sent by “open, uncovered barge to the prep site and then by open, uncovered truck up to the refuse site;” all within proximity to homes.

The Herald Standard is also covering the story and spoke with Napoli Shkolnik lawyer W. Steve Berman who pointed out that in addition the health concerns, property values ahve been negatively impacted by the polluted surroundings.

As part of the suit, Napoli Shkolnik attorneys are seeking health monitoring for the residents of the area as exposure to heavy metals can lead to serious neurological conditions, respiratory issues, nervous system damage and many cancers. If you have questions regarding coal ash exposure, please contact one of our environmental attorneys today.