Marie Napoli on News12 LI: Biomonitoring for Westhampton

Marie Napoli recently appeared on News12 Long Island in order to discuss the health risks associated with contaminated well water in Westhampton, New York. Like most people living in Westhampton, resident and Napoli Shkolnik client, Jerome Liggon said he never questioned the quality of the water coming out of his tap. However as he told News12 correspondent Andrew Ehinger, he now believes his thyroid problems and his neighbor’s illnesses must be water-related as it is the only common denominator.

The community has been dealing with contaminated water as a result of firefighting foam, which contain the chemical PFOA, that was used at nearby Gabreski Airport. PFOA has been linked to several cancers including kidney cancer and testicular cancer as well as other debilitating diseases.

Marie Napoli along with environmental attorney Patrick Lanciotti told News12 Long Island that free blood testing and medical monitoring are “long overdue” for the Westhampton Community. The New York State Health Department is now offering biomonitoring to Westhampton Residents. People with questions about the blood testing initiative in the West Hampton Beach area with a private well may call 518-402-7950 or email for additional information.

Still, many are very concerned about the long term health affects of PFOA exposure, saying that the level of contamination is most likely much higher than anyone is currently reporting.