DUI/DWI – It’s Never A Good Time to Drink and Drive

Driving and alcohol don’t mix, and combining the two is a dangerous cocktail. Before you think about drinking and driving, consider these statistics about alcohol-related crashes. Beyond that, think of the impact any car accident will have on the families and neighborhoods involved.

Alcohol-Related Collisions in the US

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that every day in the United States, 28 people die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. That means that once every 53 minutes, someone is dying due to drunk driving. This means that someone’s mother, father, child, other relative or close friend is dealing with the emotional and physical pain involved with an alcohol-related accident.

Further, alcohol impairment is involved in about one-third of all traffic-related deaths that occur in the U.S. each year.

 How Alcohol Affects Drivers

 Here’s a look at how alcohol affects the body:

First, it affects the communication pathways between the body and the brain. This means that a person may have difficulty with things like balance and coordination, as well quick movements and reflexes – both of which are critical when driving. Alcohol also makes it harder to think clearly.

Since alcohol directly interferes with the brain, and not just one’s physical abilities, an intoxicated person may also have trouble judging distance, speed, or other dangers. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, slows your brain activity, and alters perceptions. In very high doses, alcohol can even lead to passing out. Clearly, all of these things when operating a motor vehicle have the potential to be fatal.

Get Home Safely

If you are out, enjoying an evening, there are alternative options to getting behind the wheel after having had a drink. Think about using a designated driver, using a car service or taxi, and/or calling a friend or relative to pick you up. All of these suggestions will not only keep others on the road safe, but you as well.

Alcoholism is an addiction and there are programs in place to help those who may need help. We strongly encourage anyone struggling to consider them.

What to Do if You are in an Alcohol-Related Crash

If you are in an alcohol-related crash caused by an impaired driver, our experienced DUI/DWI accident attorneys at the offices of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC can help you to recover the compensation that you deserve. Please call us today to learn how we can assist you after a serious crash.