Marie Napoli’s Legal Insight on CNN PrimeTime Justice

Partner Marie Napoli  was invited to join Ashleigh Banfield on PrimeTime Justice to discuss two current litigations,one concerning the MMA Fighter War Machine and the other involving an obstinate defendant.

Ex-Porn Star Testifies About Rocky Relationship with MMA Fighter

MMA Fighter War Machine is accused of raping and repeatedly beating his ex-girlfriend, former adult film actress Christy Mack after finding her in bed with another man in 2014. Ms. Mack says that she sent a topless picture of herself to her ex-boyfriend shortly before the alleged attack.

While testifying against War Machine, born Jonathan Koppenhaver, Ms. Mack has surprised many by her articulate testimony. Known for her colorful and risque looks, including a shaved head and numerous tattoos, Ms. Mack has appeared in Court in more demure and subdued outfits.

When host Ashleigh Banfield asked attorney Marie Napoli her opinion of Ms. Mack as a witness, Marie says that she is a “great witness.” Adding that Ms. Mack is smart and successful and is able to answer questions fully without adding unnecessary detail.

War Machine on Trial

In the second segment involving the intense alleged altercation between Ms. Mack and War Machine, Ms. Banfield reads from emails that War Machine wrote to Ms. Mack after the alleged violent incident that fractured her left eye, shattered multiple teeth, fractured two ribs and broke her nose in several places. “I can’t believe you did this – I hurt so bad.” and “I can forgive and forget what happens.” were only some of the emails that War Machine emailed to Ms. Mack on the day of the attack.

Ms. Napoli points out that Ms. Mack was aware of her ex-boyfriend’s past; he has been arrested previously for abuse. Marie goes on to say that Ms. Mack invited the attack by sending a semi-nude picture of herself while another man was in the house. Marie contends that Ms. Mack wanted him (War Machine) to come over but received a harsher “thrashing” than she thought.

The defense has said that this whole incident has been good for business for Ms. Mack. That the number of followers on her social media accounts have increased substantially and that she has even created emojis for purchase that portray her with bruises.

Man Convicted of Scalping Girlfriend, Mouths Off to Judge In Court

Zachary Gross has been charged with assault and harboring a vicious animal after attacking his ex-girlfriend Marilyn Stanley. It has been reported by local officials that Gross attacked Ms. Stanley and encouraged his dog to attack her when she refused to drop a knife she was using to protect herself. The dog ripped off part of her ear and scalp, but managed to escape and drive to her mother’s house. 80% of her scalp had been detached from her head and she has undergone multiple surgeries to try and repair the extensive damage.

During sentencing, Gross told the judge to just dole out the sentence, “I don’t need a lecture.” He also said that he felt bad about the attack but that he was not responsible.

Now that the trial is over the Judge has also ordered that the dog involved in the attack be euthanized as it is no longer considered evidence.

Ashleigh Banfield asked Marie Napoli if she thinks the sentencing could have gone differently had Gross shown any contrition or remorse. Marie responded that Gross was arrogant, made the Judge angry and therefore lost any potential leniency that could have been afforded to him.