Newsday Quotes Napoli Shkolnik On Bethpage & Grumman

August 14, 2018

Source: New York Newsday

More than 80 current and former residents of Bethpage or their estates have filed a new lawsuit against Northrop Grumman alleging that contaminants from the company's former site have lead to specific medical injuries and death,according to court records. That action seeks $500 million in damages for residents' past and continued exposure to the contaminants. It was filed on behalf of "everyone in the area we believe was exposed" to contaminants at the site, said Lilia Factor, an attorney for the plaintiffs. The new suit is a personal injury case filed on behalf of 83 individuals "with specific injuries," including some who have since died, Factor said. "Most of them are still alive but suffering from different medical conditions linked to the toxic contaminants," she said. "Everyone one of them has suffered currently with an injury or has deceased."

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