Buffalo News: Tate Kunkle Quoted on Love Canal Chemicals

June 1, 2018

Source: Buffalo News

Hundreds of families occupy homes within a few blocks of the toxic waste site, which was temporarily evacuated in 1979, after nearly 22,000 tons of dangerous chemicals were found. "Niagara Falls residents have been living in the vicinity of the Love Canal site on the promise that the approximately 22,000 tons of … chemical waste … was safely contained and did not pose, and would not pose, a threat of any kind to them, their children or their property," the New York City-based Napoli Shkolnik attorneys  said in court papers. "That promise has not been kept." The lawsuit alleges that toxic chemicals have been leaking from the site into nearby sewers for "years, and possibly decades." During an interview at Salerno's home, Tate Kunkle told The News that tests of the soil and air at  their two clients' homes have showed unusually high levels of toxic chemicals there. "The government has told people that the area is safe, and they should move in," Kunkle said. "That may have been true at one time, but our evidence shows it is not safe there now."

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