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A question that most of our seriously injured clients ask is “How much am I going to get for my injuries?” It’s an honest and important question, of course, but since no two cases are exactly the same, it’s not a question that lends itself to a simple mathematical formula. The truth is, many factors affect the outcome of a case, and we believe it’s best to be honest with our clients about those variables.


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Building on the firm’s ongoing success, we represent clients in complex litigation, arbitration proceedings, and mediations. Our personal injury attorneys have settled several billion dollars in cases for our clients and we strive to achieve the maximum compensation and results for everyone we represent.

The ability to help a client, often at a time when they need it most and have nowhere else to turn, is ultimately rewarding. Follow the link to learn more about Our Attorneys, where you can access each attorney's individual biography. Contact Napoli Shkolnik PLLC Attorneys at Law to schedule a consultation for your case.

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Multi-Million Dollar Settlement

Environmental Litigation

‘Fracking’ Settlement for over 50 residents of Dimock, PA, in actions against a natural gas companies for contamination of their drinking water supply wells.
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$10 Million Settlement

Personal Injury

For over 300 residents of Brooklyn, NY, in their action against several oil companies for personal injury and property damage caused by one of the longest ongoing oil spills in United States history. Over 30 million gallons of oil had spilled and seeped into the ground and water of the Brooklyn neighborhood. The cleanup operation had…
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$52 Million Settlement

Environmental Litigation

For environmental contamination of municipal water supplies of MTBE by Petroleum Refiners and Retailers.
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$11 Million Settlement

Environmental Litigation

For a water district serving over 48,000 residents in an action against several industrial entities for contamination.
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$500,000 Environmental Litigation Settlement

Environmental Litigation

This settlement was reached on behalf of a Long Island, NY water district as a result of improper disposal of cleaning solvents by a dry cleaning business.
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