$24.1 Million Aviation Jury Verdict

March 27, 2018

Jeffrey Boatman and Anne Boatman v. Uniflight LLC, case number CV2014-015326 A UH-1 "Huey" helicopter crashed near Valle, Arizona shortly after takeoff. The helicopter pilot observed a partial loss of transmission oil pressure and began to land. Suddenly, the main rotors froze in flight causing the helicopter to crash. The pilot was trapped in the wreckage for 45 minutes before he was rescued by the responding paramedics. A post-accident inspection of the helicopter revealed that there was a catastrophic failure of the main transmission gearbox causing complete disintegration in the gears and seizure of the components. Inspection of the maintenance records revealed that the transmission was overhauled and mid-way through its expected life. As a result of the accident, the pilot sustained paraplegia injuries due to severe fractures in his back. After less than an hour of deliberating, the eight-person jury returned with a unanimous verdict for Plaintiffs.

Category: Aviation Accidents

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