$17 Million Settlement

March 7, 2016

Six service members were killed from 11 aboard with five others hurt in the accidents. Throughout the investigation, the team ensured climate conditions and pilot error had been ruled out as having caused the wreck. It was discovered that preceding pilots of the aircraft had complained of a pop and click at the pedals of their aircraft and Dyncorp mechanics were expected to repair the matter. Nonetheless, they did not, however they'd ordered new components for the faulty parts but the mechanics never installed them. The neglect of the Dyncorp mechanics to set up the faulty components is thought to have made it tough to control the helicopter from the pilot causing the wreck. It was also discovered that the mechanisms from Dyncorp hadn't been properly trained and their performance in upkeep of this aircraft wasn't being completed properly. Because of this, Hunter Shkolnik and Napoli Shkolnik legal team managed, for the families of the injured, To enter and win a $17 million settlement.

Category: Aviation Accidents

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