3 Reasons To Pick A Local New York Personal Injury Lawyer

Injury victims face many tough choices, and one of these decisions is which New York personal injury lawyer to trust with their cases. Many people think they only have a choice between a small local firm that may not have the resources to take on big cases, like environmental cancer or large product liability matters, or a large and impersonal firm that is basically just a branch office of an out-of-state legal conglomerate.

At Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, injury victims get the best of both worlds. We have all the resources of the large firms along with a small-town atmosphere and accessibility that makes our clients feel a little more confident about their futures.


1. Familiarity with Local Rules

There are roughly thirty different counties in the Tri-State area. Each jurisdiction has their own rules and procedures which a New York personal injury lawyer is expected to know and use, even if the rule is unwritten. Furthermore, it’s not unusual for different judges in the same county to have different procedural rules.

An out-of-town attorney — which could mean a Rockland County lawyer handling a Kings County case — will spend vast amounts of time getting up to speed on the rules, and this is time that could be spent preparing the case. An experienced and local New York personal injury lawyer faces no such obstacles, so at Napoli Law, your professional team is focused on winning fair compensation and not on when to sit or stand.


2. Close to Evidence

When it comes to the evidence in the case, victim/plaintiffs who do not have local lawyers are at a significant disadvantage for a number of reasons.

Victims cannot depend on first responders to collect the evidence they need to prove their claims in court. This evidence includes both witness statements and physical evidence. Instead, a New York personal injury attorney must be close by to fulfil this role. Otherwise, the victim/plaintiff’s claim for damages will be severely hampered.

Local attorneys who are close to the intersection, building, neighborhood, hospital, or other location where the injury occurred are aso in a better position to collect lots of evidence. That’s especially important in terms of witness statements, because very few people are willing to come forward and talk about what they saw in court, even those who give their names to first responders.

In terms of physical evidence, chain of custody is critical. Any unexplained gaps can cause the judge to throw out the exhibit. The more links there are in the chain (i.e. the further the bit of evidence must travel), the more likely it is that something will go wrong.


3. Invested in the Local Community

For many large interstate firms, an office in the Big Apple is little more than a prestigious location to put on advertising materials. Similarly, the people who work in these offices often care little about the New Yorkers who live and work just down the street.

But at Napoli Law, our New York personal injury lawyers are different. We live here and work here. We also take time out of our schedules to volunteer for causes that matter to New Yorkers. That investment is financial as well, because most of the legal fees we earn go right back into the local community.

Paul J. Napoli is a nationally renowned personal injury, medical malpractice, and mass tort litigation attorney with more than 25 years’ experience in the field. He aggressively defends the rights of his clients in courtrooms throughout the country, fighting to ensure they get the maximum amount of compensation they deserve.

At Napoli Law, your case is our priority, so contact one of our New York personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation. Home and hospital visits are available.