Safe (ish) Activities for Your Family During the Pandemic

Safe Activities Pandemic

Far and away the best way for your family to stay safe and do some activities during the coronavirus pandemic is to stay at home, whether or not such an order is in place.

Face masks and social distancing also slow the virus’ spread, but they are not as effective as sheltering in place.

But is it realistic to stay home forever?

Many outlets, such as going to the beach, attending a sporting event, or going to the movies, are either entirely unavailable or unsafe. So, local governments have stepped up to provide alternatives to families with cabin fever.

New York personal injury attorneys have stepped it up as well.

At Napoli Shkolnik, we are working harder than ever to overcome COVID-19 barriers and do what it takes to obtain fair compensation for your serious injuries.

Usually, that compensation includes money for economic losses, such as medical bills, and noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.


July was National Parks and Recreation Month. Communities around the country celebrated this event, but in a much different way.

Many parks had mini-camps during the summer.

Instead of hundreds of campers at a sports camp, attendance was capped at about two dozen campers. Almost everything took place outdoors. Staff took extra health precautions, like frequent temperature checks.

Even the games are different. Many kids used pool noodles during freeze tag.


Most public libraries are far more than just books.

In fact, most public libraries focus more on community-building events, like workshops and lectures, than on books and periodicals.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the tools libraries have to fulfil that mission, but not the mission itself. Here are a few examples:

  • Working with the United Way, the Los Angeles County Public Library System has distributed thousands of remote internet access kits to homeless individuals. These kits, which include digital library cards, are available at day shelters and other such locations.
  • Librarians in Pierce County (Tacoma), Washington have set up a variety of virtual reading rooms. These locations mimic the library environment in many ways. Popular choices include the thrillers/mystery room, kids’ room, teen reading room, and DIY room.
  • The St. Louis County Library is the area’s lead remote technology agency during the COVID-19 pandemic. To further that mission, officials have distributed hundreds of PBS Kids Playtime Pads, which do not require Internet access, to hundreds of area youngsters.
  • Since many high school seniors in Douglas County (suburban Denver), Colorado missed out on graduation, thousands of these kids received graduation toolkits from local librarians. These toolkits included some physical home repair tools as well as a gift card from a local merchant.
  • In Pima County (Tucson), the library picked up the slack when area kids lost access to free and reduced school lunches. In partnership with local retailers, there are ten grab-and-go distribution locations as well as several places where families have access to fresh produce.

Speaking of grab-and-go, over two dozen New York Public Library branches are open for grab-and-go book service, and the list is growing.

Many digital resources are available as well. New Yorkers can learn a new language, expand their IT career skills, and do much more.

Car Rides

In many ways, your vehicle is like a mini-home.

So, other than your living room, your car might be the safest place to be this summer and beyond.

But if you hit the road, even if it’s just for an afternoon drive, be careful.

Decreased traffic during the spring 2020 lockdowns altered driver behavior.

Speeding and reckless driving are much more prevalent than they were before.

A serious car wreck could trigger thousands of dollars in medical bills. So, our lawyers often arrange for car crash victims to receive medical treatment with no upfront cost.

Medical providers usually agree to defer billing until the case is resolved. The same thing goes for vehicle repair and replacement. We also obtain compensation for your noneconomic losses, such as pain and suffering.

So, when you hit the road, you can do so with confidence, because we’ve got your back.

Now more than ever, the New York personal injury attorneys at Napoli Shkolnik PLLC are dedicated to your safety. We are also dedicated to your legal and financial rights. You can count on us to stand up for you.