Pittsburgh Girl Who Fell Off Trampoline Fights Paralysis

trampoline injuries

13-year-old Mary Maloney was an athletically gifted girl before she fell from a trampoline. Now, she lies virtually motionless in a hospital bed and faces an uncertain future.

Maloney fell on her head while practicing somersaults.

She initially did not feel hurt, but soon lost feeling in much of her body. On her way to the hospital, she began vomiting.

Doctors at UPMC Children’s Hospital determined that Maloney had suffered a spinal stroke, a rare injury caused by a lack of blood flow to the spinal cord.

After several weeks in the hospital, Maloney was able to feel touches to her thighs and legs. So, her family hopes her paralysis will not be permanent.

“I feel like I’m ready to face this with her,” her mother said.

Trampoline Fall Injuries

Every year, trampoline injuries send about as many children to the Emergency Room as swimming pool drownings.

As outlined below, especially when they happen away from home, these incidents usually involve negligence. Some specific fall-related injuries include:

  • Head Injuries: Most children and adults do not wear any protective headgear when they jump on trampolines. So, when these victims fall or land awkwardly, the head injuries are often significant. Frequently, the violent motion of hitting the ground can be enough to cause a traumatic brain injury.
  • Spine Injuries: These types of injuries trigger almost unimaginable emotional distress, for both victims and their loved ones. They can also be financially devastating. For young victims, the medical bills alone might eclipse $5 million over a lifetime.
  • Broken Bones: Spine and head injuries may never fully heal. Usually, broken bones never fully heal either. After a serious fall, doctors must often use metal screws or pins to set broken bones. As a result, the victims often never recover complete range of motion, even after extended physical therapy.

To help victims deal with these crippling injury-related medical costs, personal injury attorneys usually send letters of protection to medical providers.

Since these letters guarantee payment when the case is resolved, most providers charge nothing upfront for their services.

Lawyers do more than take care of immediate medical costs.

Attorneys also refer victims to injury specialists. Unlike general practice doctors, these professionals know how to diagnose and treat head injuries and other such wounds.

Frequently, these victims do not feel injured in the immediate wake of a car accident or other incident. Frequently, adrenaline masks the pain, at least for a few hours.

So, many people do not seek immediate medical treatment, and their injuries get worse. S

o, if you were hurt in an accident, always see an injury physician as quickly as possible.

Trampoline Injuries and Negligence Actions

Indoor trampoline parks are very popular spots for families with young children during the long New York winters.

Additionally, a backyard with a trampoline can be a popular neighborhood destination.

When injury occurs at places like these, negligence is often an issue.

These claims begin by establishing the standard of care. In this context, that usually means adequate safety precautions, such as:

  • Constant adult supervision,
  • No jumpers under age 6 at any time,
  • Safety nets,
  • Heightened supervision and training if jumpers perform somersaults or other moves, and
  • Ladder removal after each use, to prevent children from sneaking onto the trampoline.

A quick word about safety nets. These devices cannot substitute for any other items on this list. Jumpers can still land awkwardly on the surface and suffer serious injury.

If the trampoline environment falls short of this standard in any way, a negligence claim is usually a possibility.

This responsibility usually involves paying damages. Frankly, trampoline fall victims need

Awkward trampoline landings can cause serious injuries.

For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in New York, contact Napoli Shkolnik, PLLC. We do not charge upfront legal fees in negligence cases.