Napoli Shkolnik Recognizes the 20th Anniversary of 9/11

On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, Napoli Shkolnik remembers the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center and those whose lives were changed by the disaster.

Paul Napoli is proud to have represented more than 11,000 first responders and rescue and recovery workers who became ill or were injured during the rescue, recovery, and debris removal at the World Trade Center following 9/11. Napoli’s clients were awarded more than $816.5 million in settlements, but his efforts didn’t stop there.

Napoli went on to lobby New York State and the U.S. Congress and obtained new legislation to benefit injured workers. An amendment made to New York’s General Municipal Law §50-1 gave otherwise time-barred first responder claims a one-year savings statute.

Napoli was heavily involved in the passing of the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act of 2010. The Act infinitely extended the WTC Health Program Fund, which allows victims and the family of deceased first workers and first responders to continue filing for compensation under the 2001 9/11 Compensation Fund.

Among other benefits, medical monitoring and cash awards were provided to first responders, survivors, local office workers, and community members who were injured by long-term 9/11 side effects.

Additionally, Napoli continues to support the 9/11 Memorial, the 9/11 Memorial Museum, and related organizations that support those affected by the fallout of 9/11. Napoli has worked hard to ensure that this life-changing day and the people who were lost are not forgotten.

Paul Napoli and the same group of attorneys have been working on 9/11 cases since the initial suits began 20 years ago. Even after successfully passing important legislation, Napoli is dedicated to the victims and their well-being.

Attorney Stephen Holihan, who is also a first responder and retired firefighter (FDNY Ladder 146, Engine 204 and Engine 307), also works with the firm. He personally understands what our clients and their families face, which makes him uniquely qualified to be the tireless advocate they deserve.

If you’re experiencing health issues related to your involvement in 9/11, get in touch with Napoli Shkolnik. Our team of attorneys is well-experienced and will provide a free consultation to discuss your condition and needs. We look forward to hearing from you.