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Walmart Shooting
Cops: Man Charged with Killing Shoplifter Fired Gun 9Xs

An armed customer was arrested for shooting a diaper thief in a Walmart parking lot in Florida. It could be difficult to find sympathy for the fleeing suspect who was shot as he was a gang member with an extensive rap sheet. Still, witnesses, including a Walmart employee say that they did not see the thief with a gun like the shooter states.

Marie Napoli says it really comes down to the credibility of the customer who shot shoplifter. Was he really afraid that a gun was going to be pulled out or was it in an after thought when he realized he could go to jail for killing the man as he tried to escape with stolen goods.

The police do say that it was reckless of the customer to discharge his gun so many times in a Walmart parking lot.

Murder Investigation
Cops Want To Know Why Teen Allegedly Killed Stepmom

This case involves a minor, who can be charged as an adult and convicted as an adult. However as a minor, can he be interrogated without a parent present while in custody if he has been advised of his Miranda Rights?

Marie Napoli has worked with Mental Hygiene Legal Services and has seen horrible murders committed by people who “just snapped” which she believes happened here. Therefore she thinks the insanity defense may be used in this case to have the alleged murderer admitted into the mental health system.

Host Ashleigh Banfield says that it looks like there was a “consciousness of guilt” since he ran; he took the car and left.

Urgent Search
Mystery Deepens After CoEd Vanishes: Wash She Kidnapped?

Even though she was described as a free spirit and there was only one set of footprints, the police will not pay less attention to this disappearance. It will still be handled a priority especially as there are reports that text messages with kidnapper demands have been received.

The missing coed’s cellphone and  truck were found in thick, deep mud but there is no sign of her. Marie wants to know why the house is being searched, by the FBI with a warrant,  if the footprints are hers.