Investigative Report: Wheatfield Superfund Site

The toxic Wheatfield landfill located in Niagara County, New York was declared a Superfund site due to its historic use as an industrial and municipal landfill. Though inactive people may potentially be exposed to site-related contamination through contact with surface water, or sediment. Residents in vicinity to the refuse site, especially those living on Forbes Street, Forbes Terrace and Nash Road are in particular danger of developing serious health problems and having to deal with property damage.

Exposure to the chemicals at the site could lead to neurological problems, respiratory issues and other illnesses. However, alarmingly, the site is accessible by foot or recreational vehicles and trails are present. In addition to their general health and property value, residents are rightly concerned about flooding that could bring contamination to their yards, planting a garden, and mosquitoes that breed in the contaminated water. Any contact with contaminated soil or breathing in the toxic fumes could lead to severe health issues.

Napoli Shkolnik PLLC is working closely with local attorney, Christen Civiletto and co-counsel Smith Stag LLC to ensure that Town of Wheatfield residents are aware of their legal options. We strongly encourage you to contact us to discuss your specific circumstances. The call is free and our advice is free.

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