Another Tragic Family Plane Crash: What Happened?

Father and real estate attorney Eric Falbe had his wife Carrie Fable and two daughters Victoria and Sklar aboard. According to family members, the family was on an annual holiday trip they take to Colorado.

The plane crashed in Payson, Arizona shortly after taking off from Scottsdale Airport (KSDL) with destination Telluride, CO. Radar shows the plane ascended from Scottsdale and rapidly descending in the Payson Area. Weather around takeoff time (~0930 MST / 1630Z) from KSDL was winds 130 at 5 knots, 10 state miles visibility, with a broken ceiling at 6 thousand ft. The temperature at Payson, Arizona at the time of the crash ~ 9:36 AM MST was ~ 40 degrees Fahrenheit, which would have put the freezing level at approximately 2400 feet.

Any opinion right now would be pure speculation, but preliminary investigation reveals that there were no AIRMETs for icing in the area at the time of the crash. Improper maintenance and an in-flight emergency could be causal factors in this crash. (Image Source)

This Cessna T210K, N272EF, was owned by N9402M Aviation LLC, and is a single engine aircraft manufactured in 1970 with a Continental Motor engine from the same year.


Sheriff’s Dept, NTSB, and FAA Are investigating

The National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration have already begun their investigation. The NTSB will likely release its preliminary statement in the next few days, but its factual and probable cause report probably will not be released for over a year.

Tragically, pilots and passengers and/or their families can encounter unjust legal hurdles when seeking justice after a crash or fatal event.  There are many legal options.

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