Hunter Shkolnik Appears on PrimeTime Justice

Hunter Shkolnik recently appeared on CNN’s PrimeTime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield. This live program covers current legal and social issues, trials and litigations with views from both sides of the coin as well as Ms. Banfield’s point of view to guide the discussion.

Mr. Shkolnik was asked to weigh in on a variety of legal issues. In each instance, Hunter provided his legal opinions, interpretation of the law & evidence, possible charges and associated sentences.

During the elder abuse segment, Mr. Shkolnik spoke about a video showing a 94 yr old woman being assaulted by her home care nurse. As he points out, this is just plain wrong on so many levels. This health care provider has been entrusted to care for an elderly woman and she has grossly violated that trust and Hunter says, “she should be found and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.” Video

The next discussion revolved around the sad story of a child who committed suicide at age 12. There had been reports of physical abuse and there was an open investigation into the mother. Unfortunately the child’s siblings were not removed from the environment. Mr. Shkolnik was asked what his next steps would be and he responded that believes the government should consider exhuming the body to determine whether the child’s death was a suicide or murder. Video

“Catwoman” was the next topic discussed on the show. As Hunter put it, if you lived in or around New York City circa 1999, you most likely remember the story of the lady who had received multiple surgeries to resemble a cat. She and her husband went through a public and nasty divorce involving allegations of cheating, guns, refusal to leave a mansion and more. The focus in the news now also has to do with the new financial agreements that are being worked on where “Catwoman” may now only receive $100,000 a month. Video

The final story centered around a car dashboard camera that captured the extremely erratic driving behavior of a white pickup truck on the highway. The owners of the dash-cam  called authorities to alert them to the dangerous driving of this individual. Ultimately, the truck crashed into a police SUV cruiser that had been alerted to the danger and had been waiting on the side of the road. The police report that the driver of the truck, Bradley Burch, was impaired on heroin. Mr. Burch was arrested for DWI, reckless operation and driving with a suspended license. Hunter calls it a “slam dunk case” if the police took a blood test and the results are positive for heroin coupled with the dash-cam. Video