Gun Control – Who’s Liable?

The recent attack by a lone gunman in Las Vegas has, rightly so, reignited the debate about gun control in the United States. In addition to gun control laws, many are asking questions about liability when shootings and serious or fatal injuries occur.

The Argument for Gun Insurance

One area of conversation that has been sparked in recent years is in regards to whether or not insurance companies should treat guns in the same manner that they do other dangers in a home, such as pools, trampolines, and dangerous dogs. In fact, with statistics showing that guns are much more dangerous compared to home swimming pools or aggressive dogs (there are an average of 33,500 gun deaths per year), many argue that there is no reason that insurance companies should “get a pass” on gun violence.

While some states have proposed mandatory gun liability insurance–which would pay for injuries to victims when a gun accident or gun violence occurs–gun liability insurance is currently not required.

Other Sources of Liability

While gun liability insurance would certainly help victims of shootings recover compensation for their injuries, sometimes there are other ways to seek compensation after a shooting. Potentially liable parties for a gun accident might include:

  • The party who sold the gun;
  • The shooter themselves;
  • A party whose negligent security failed to prevent the gun violence; and
  • Gun makers.

Passionate Voices

“There are two sides to every story” as the famous saying goes. The issue of gun control is no different. There are fierce and vocal opinions on both sides. At times it would seem that neither side is willing to be budge. Legislation attempts to regulate the matter to an extent, but both sides of the fence invoke the United States Constitution.

A Complicated and Tragic Issues

Gun violence is a very tragic issue that very often has fatal consequences for those involved. The topic of gun control and liability is very complicated, and those who have been harmed by gun violence and suffered losses may not know where they can turn for financial assistance. At the law offices of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, our experienced personal injury lawyers can help you to explore different avenues for compensation and potentially liability parties. Please contact us today for your free consultation. There is no obligation and we will take the time to listen to the specifics involving your situation.

In the News

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