Construction Accidents in NY: Who to Contact?

Did you know that at least one in five workplace fatalities are construction-related? Many construction accidents in NY unfortunately do not have a happy ending.

It’s a lot to think about, especially if you are a construction worker yourself, or you care deeply about someone who is. But, non-fatal accidents (thousands of them on a daily basis) still outnumber fatal ones – it’s useful to know then exactly how to behave on-site, just as well as what to do after.

What should you be careful about? Who to seek compensation from? When to contact a construction accident attorney? Here’s everything you need to know.


Can We Prevent Construction Accidents in ny from Happening?

Millions of people work on construction sites around the globe, but it’s not only them who are at risk of work-related injuries. Life-threatening or not, these kinds of construction accidents in NY cripple entire families, taking away their income and drastically lowering their quality of life.

It’s absolutely true that you cannot feed the hungry on statistics, though statistics may help us determine construction site culprits that are most responsible for leaving hundreds and hundreds of families afflicted, poor, and hungry every year.

Besides, it’s always better to be safe than sorry, right?

With this in mind, be careful around portable ladders, unguarded steel bars, improper scaffold construction, floor holes, wall openings, and unprotected sides. They are the main reasons behind construction workers losing their lives and injuring themselves by falling.

Masonry walls, falling objects, and vehicles are responsible for around 10.3% of all construction-related accidents, namely those that happen when an improperly guided object strikes a worker.

Electrocutions are just as dangerous, with about 8.9% of all construction accidents being caused by improper use of equipment, lack of ground-fault, or contact with power lines.

Steer clear from unsafe spoil-pile placements and access or egress, since you can easily get caught between objects and end up hurt.


Who Is Endangered and Why?

Not all construction workers are equally endangered by on-site hazards, nor are all kinds of accidents linked to this risky vocation.

According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration, lack of fall and respiratory protection protocols, hazard communications, scaffolding, powered industrial trucks, improper machine guarding, and unsafe electrical installations are frequently cited violations.

Construction labourer seems to be the most dangerous occupation, closely followed by first-line supervisors, roofers, electricians, and carpenters.


What to Do When an Accident Happens?

The most common injuries stemming from construction accidents in NY are scarring, deafness, blindness, disfigurement, spinal cord injury, brain injury, long-term impairment, and amputated limbs.

In the unfortunate event of a construction-related injury happening to you or someone you know, seeking medical attention is absolutely the most important thing. Be sure that you are in a stable condition first, and you’ll have plenty of time to think about compensation later.

The type of compensation will depend on the nature of your injury, although medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost income are usually the first case elements that are inspected by attorneys.

In order to be eligible for compensation at all, you need to document the injury and report it to the site manager, and to collect statements from witnesses, just as well as evidence linked to the injury.

If there were any objects involved, make sure to preserve them for further analysis. If not, grab your smartphone and take photos of both the injury and the site location where the accident has taken place.


Can You Seek an Attorney?

A reliable New York construction accident attorney is very easy to find, but first you need to determine whether or not a legal case can be built around your injury at all. If physical or psychological suffering continues for some time, and so do your visits to the doctor, then feel free to contact a lawyer.

In case you and your family have lost income due to construction-related physical impairment, or have spent a significant amount of money on medical bills, you are eligible for compensation as well. The same applies if your future is now uncertain, both in terms of your health and in terms of your money.


What If You Are Partly at Fault?

If it turns out that a second party isn’t the only one responsible for the injury, and that you’ve at least partially contributed to the accident yourself, whether or not you can file a claim will depend on the state law. You cannot know for certain until you contact an attorney and present the case to them.


How Much Time You Have to File a Lawsuit?

In most states, an injured party can file a claim anytime within the first 2 years after the accident. In some states, however, the statute of limitations is just 180 days.

If the accident occurs in New York, you have no more than 3 years in case of non-fatal injuries. When it comes to fatal accidents, families have exactly 2 years to file a claim for their construction accidents in NY on behalf of the deceased.