Annoying Telemarketers – How to Get them to Stop

Receiving multiple, repeated calls from telemarketers can be annoying, and in some cases, it could even be the sign of scam. Robocalls are used extensively in a variety of ways, as appointment reminders, credit card alerts, political campaigns and even scams. Whether or not they are legitimate or not, they can become a nuisance.

If you have been receiving a lot of calls from telemarketers, here are a few things that you can do to attempt to get the issue under control–

Register Your Number with the Do Not Call List

One thing that you can do to put a stop to some (but not all) telemarketing calls is to register your number with the “Do Not Call” list. This can be used to protect your landline or cellular number, and registration is easy. Just go to to sign up.

This also applies to robocalls, which is any phone call delivered using an autodialer (a telephone number is automatically dialed without a human operator). It is usually a prerecorded message. Remember that robocalls are only legal in the United States if the prerecorded message identifies who is initiating the call and provides information on how the initiator can be contacted.

Interestingly, robocalls to cellular phones are illegal unless the recipient has given consent. For landlines, on the other hand, robocalls are only illegal if the nature of the call is commercial.

Talk to Your Phone Company

If you are still receiving calls after putting your number on the Do Not Call list, the next step may be to speak with your phone company. You can ask your phone company if they offer any type of robocall-blocking technology. If you already use this technology and you are still having problems, provide your phone company with a list of numbers that keep calling you that you want blocked.

Most smart phones provide a “Block” Feature under “Settings.”

How Did They Get My Number?

You may not realize that you did give permission. Registration for a new service, filling out questionnaires/surveys/feedback form that requests your telephone number. Simply by putting your telephone, it could be interpreted as tacit consent. Before clicking to agree “Terms of Service”, be sure to check the fine print; you could be agreeing to a lot of services. Some companies will also ask permission to share your information with a third party, which means they will contact you too.

Learn Your Rights, Take Notes, and Talk to the FCC

If you are still dealing with annoying telemarketers, you should start taking notes about who is calling you, and whether or not you have already let them know that you do not want to be contacted (if not, tell them you want your number removed from their call list). If telemarketers do not comply with your request, you can report them to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

Other Tips for Dealing with Telemarketers

 In addition to the above, other tips for dealing with telemarketers include:

  • Always remain calm;
  • Do not engage the telemarketer;
  • Be clear and firm in your request that they remove your number from their call list; and
  • NEVER give out any personal information (some calls may be scams).

If you are receiving annoying calls from telemarketers despite your best efforts to have calls stopped, your rights under consumer protection laws may be being breached. If you think you have a case, call our law firm today to learn more via a free consultation. There is no obligation and the consultation is absolutely confidential. If it is determined that there is a case and you decide to move forward, there are no upfront legal fees. In fact, we only recover a fee if we win your case.