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US District Judge and MI State Judge Slam False Flint Claims

February 18, 2021

Source: Law360

A pair of judges on Thursday slammed the conduct of an attorney who sent information "rife with material misrepresentations" to 298 residents of Flint, Michigan, that urged them to opt out of a $641 million proposed settlement related to the city's lead water crisis, ordering him to draft a corrective letter. Hunter Shkolnik of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, an attorney for the residents, said he hopes that people aren't misguided by the inaccurate information in the packets. "You have got to be careful when you are communicating with the class or you are communicating directly with represented people because you can run afoul of ethics rules and court orders, and it appears that is what" the courts found, Shkolnik told Law360. Download

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