Tate Kunkle Quoted on PFAS Lawsuits by LegalNewsLine

June 11, 2019

Source: Legal Newsline

As the federal government determines the toxicity level for humans exposed to chemicals known as PFAS, new lawsuits allege harm to cows. Cases abound that allege PFAS - which are found in firefighting foam, waterproof clothing and nonstick cookware - have made their way into the bloodstreams of plaintiffs. Two of the most unusual requests for compensation come in new lawsuits by dairy farms against 3M and DuPont. Plaintiffs Todd and Carolyn Teune of Day Star Dairy allege that they have been significantly damaged in their business and property because of PFAS chemicals from the manufacturer's products. “It shows how pervasive these chemicals are that they’re in our food supply and in our milk and nobody’s really even looking at that issue until now,” Tate Kunkle, an associate with the plaintiffs’ attorneys of Napoli Shkolnik, said in an interview with Legal Newsline.

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