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NBC4 Tucson: Tucson and Marana Join Water Lawsuit

December 27, 2018

Source: NBC4 Tucson

The city of Tucson and the town of Marana have filed a water lawsuit to protect the public from potentially negative health effects from the groundwater supply. The lawsuit alleges 3M, a company that manufactures firefighting foam used at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, contaminated parts of the water supply in Tucson and Marana. They are seeking to recover all costs for treating and removing the Per-Fluorinated Compounds or PFC’s that can be found in firefighting foam and cleaning products. “We’ve filed a notice to intend to litigate. We’ve hired on contingency basis a law firm named Napoli Shkolnik out of the east coast,” Steve Kozachik Ward 6 Councilman said.

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