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National Law Journal Quotes Hunter Shkolnik on Foam Lawsuits

October 4, 2018

Source: National Law Journal

Manufacturers of foams used to fight fuel fires have asked to coordinate about 85 lawsuits that allege toxic chemicals in their products have leaked into drinking water, putting residents at risk of getting cancer and other illnesses. The cases span seven states: Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania and Washington. 3M Co. filed a motion two days later to add nine more lawsuits from Alabama, Michigan, Minnesota and upstate New York. “This is a case we’ve been aggressively litigating for two years now,” said Hunter Shkolnik, whose New York firm, Napoli Shkolnik, is involved in a large share of the foam cases, including the Colorado class action. “And, on the eve of a class certification in Colorado, the defendants are doing everything in their power to remove the case from Judge Jackson. And it’s nothing more than forum shopping.”

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