Marie Napoli’s NYLJ Child Victims Act Article Quoted

August 21, 2019

Source: The Westbury Times

It is a sad reality in this world that children are not respected and safeguarded as they ought to be. More and more we learn about abuses that happen to children by persons who were entrusted with their care—pastors, teachers, rabbis, scout leaders. These abusers cause severe physical, psychological, and emotional trauma to their young victims, which can persist for years or even decades. Sexual assault is a complicated event that is not as easy to discuss as a fall in the schoolyard or a fight with a classmate. Fear of repercussions, an inability to articulate or fully understand the incident, and misplaced feelings of guilt or shame all can stifle a victim into silence. This silence can last for years, even well into adulthood—and should not be mistaken for retroactive consent, a waiver of rights, or an absolution of their abusers.

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