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Law360 Quotes Partner Sal Badala Regarding NY Opioid Trial

August 6, 2021

Source: Law360

Thursday's testimony came from Angela Feniger, Par's former DEA compliance director, who is now an associate director of technical writing and quality assurance at the drugmaker. In 2010, she testified that Par hired outside consultants to conduct an internal audit of the company's compliance with the agency processes. "And the point of the audit was not only to provide Par with recommendations, but to actually identify deficiencies, right?" Salvatore Badala of Napoli Shkolnik asked. "To challenge our systems. Yes," Feniger said. "The consultant told Par that if they're reviewing its system, there is no suspicious order monitoring program in place," said Badala. "That is correct," Feniger said. Under questioning, she said that she never reported the audit to the DEA as she didn't believe that was required. Download

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