Law360 Quotes Hunter Shkolnik on NY Opioid Trial

April 13, 2020

Source: Law360

Suffolk County Supreme Court Judge Jerry Garguilo said that Nassau and Suffolk counties hadn’t shown that retail chain pharmacies, including CVS Pharmacy Inc, Rite Aid and Walgreen Co., are responsible for the conduct of their subsidiaries. It has long been New York law that a parent corporation is not liable for the torts of its subsidiary, the judge said. “We have not begun the discovery on the ‘dispensing’ case, and that is all that got cut out by this decision,” Hunter Shkolnik of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC told Law360 on Friday. “We won and are going to trial on the gross conduct that led to multimillion dollar fines related to the ‘distribution’ claims. This has been our goal in New York from Day 1.”

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