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Law360 Lists, Quotes Hunter Shkolnik on Cases to Watch

August 4, 2022

Source: Law360

Law360 recently published their Analysis of "Product Liability Cases To Watch: Midyear Review" Following the months long first jury opioid trial in 2021, dates for the damages trials against Teva USA on behalf of Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York are yet to be set. Teva and its entities, including opioid distributor Anda Inc., had been found 90% responsible for creating a public nuisance in both counties. Settlement talks are under way and it is clear that Teva USA could have to pay billions in damages, significantly more than other drug company defendants that settled before or during the trial. "We are extremely pleased that through our efforts to aggressively litigate against the opioid industry, we have brought change and needed compensation to our communities," Hunter Shkolnik of Napoli Shkolnik PLLC, counsel for Nassau County, said in a July email. "We will not rest until everyone is brought to justice." Download

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