Judge: State Doesn’t Have to Resume Bottled Water in Flint

April 23, 2018

Source: Michigan Radio

A federal judge won't force the state to immediately resume giving out bottled water to Flint residents affected by the city's lead-tainted tap water crisis. Following the hearing, Hunter Shkolnik, the plaintiff's lead attorney, said he felt that the judge had looked at the facts and determined that Bryant may not be "the right plaintiff" to request the injunction. "But there are a lot of other people [in Flint] that have homes that have lead levels that are hundreds of times higher than they should be," Shkolnik said. "What's important is that those plaintiffs can come back to court and bring a request for a temporary restraining order or a temporary injunction at that time." Shkolnik said that a lot of people in Flint don't trust the filters that the state has provided.

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