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Jennifer Liakos Effective Cross Examination in Pharma Case

October 17, 2019

Source: CourtHouse News

Testimony on the claims that Viagra and Cialas accelerate the progression of skin cancer. On cross-examination, plaintiffs’ lawyer Jennifer Liakos of Napoli Shkolnik in Los Angeles asked questions to demonstrate that Schuchter is not an epidemiologist trained to investigate the causes of diseases, and that the oncologist has never conducted an epidemiological experiment herself. Liakos then showed Schuchter six peer-reviewed research papers which stated there was a “plausible biological mechanism” linking the active ingredient in Viagra and Cialis to melanoma progression. Liakos next showed Schuchter a study that found a 24% increase in the risk of developing lung cancer for women exposed to secondhand smoke, a risk factor similar to those found in studies on the link between the erectile dysfunction drugs and melanoma.

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