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Hunter Shkolnik Quoted on Flint Litigation Red Flag

February 16, 2021

Source: Law360

  Hunter Shkolnik, one of the plaintiffs' lawyers who raised a red flag about the letters, said attorney Loyst Fletcher Jr.'s role in other lead-water matters hadn't been made clear before a recent hearing that resulted in an injunction and restraining order. But with "confusing" letters appearing in Flint mailboxes in recent weeks and at the court, Shkolnik said the judge's reaction — an order barring Fletcher from sending any more such letters — was restrained relative to the potential harm to the settlement. The Flint, Michigan, lawyer hit with an injunction for sending misleading letters to city residents about a $641 million water crisis settlement has been involved in other lead-related litigation, a fact that likely raised the court's anxiety about his solicitations throwing a monkey wrench into a hard-fought deal. Download

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