Hunter Shkolnik Discusses Opioid Global Settlement Potential

November 25, 2019

Source: Cleveland19

In 2017 Ohio was ranked second in the nation for overdose deaths involving opioids. More than 4,000 people died that year from overdoses. It's why hundreds of Ohio cities and counties are now part of lawsuits against the largest drug manufacturers and pharmacies. Pharmacy chains will likely face an October 2020 trial for their alleged role in the opioid crisis. “I suspect you’re going to see a lot happening in 2020 in terms of global settlements," said Hunter Shkolnik, leading litigator of the Ohio MDL trial team. They’re bringing forward a class action negotiation that involves hundreds of Northeast Ohio cities and counties. “This preserves Cuyahoga and Summit Counties settlements with certain defendants, but allows them to participate as to any other defendant that engages in settlement negotiations going forward," Shkolnik said.

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